Sunday, April 19, 2009


Jacob is really starting to get around now. He finally figured out in the past few days that he could crawl beyond the rug in the living room and attempt to find us if we left the room. The hardwood floors slow him up a bit if he doesn't have bare feet or legs to give him traction, but he can still move if he really wants to. He's made beelines for a few things in his new "travels" so we're working on more changes around the house to babyproof. He also won't sit still on our bed anymore while we get ready in the morning (he's obsessed with our phone, so he's forever crawling after that, if nothing else), so that necessitated one specific change--the pack 'n' play has reappeared in our living room. Yes, I don't mind utilizing the playpen, a.k.a play yard. There are just going to be times when I can't stay in the room with Jacob, and I'd rather he be protected and have a few toys to play with than risk him getting into trouble or putting him alone in his crib. I'm convinced that no matter how much we try to babyproof, he'll still think of some other way to get into a sticky situation. He's just so incredibly curious. And the thing is, it's only going to get worse. Right now he doesn't have the knowledge or coordination to really get into things. Like, I'm not sure he knows yet to open the cabinets on our entertainment center and pull out stacks of tapes and DVDs. Someday soon he will. I'm thinking my CD tower will have to go into the basement for a while, because even though I have a plan to keep the CDs in place, I'm not convinced he won't try to tip it over. We have a decorative shelf in our dining room that he's tried to crawl after a couple times, and so that's going in a different spot that's harder to get to...and may move beyond that if he figures that out. The jumperoo (which was replaced in the living room by the pack 'n' play) is going back to its original spot in the dining room, with more space now that the shelf won't be there. It's just as well anyway, because it'll give Jacob something to do while I'm getting his meals ready instead of sitting in the high chair whining. He may still whine because he won't have me in direct sight, but hopefully the bouncing and activities will distract him. He's been pretty needy like that lately, that if I walk away from him even for a minute or even if I'm still in his direct sight, he'll cry. It's so weird. Just another phase, I guess.

We had a pretty good weekend but I am still wishing I had more time. Yesterday we did a little shopping with Lori and then met up with some of my old coworkers before the Knighthawks game. Craig missed out on the fun reminiscing because he was working, unfortunately. Then we went to the game. Jacob was a trooper through the whole thing. It was a long day and he didn't really nap or eat well, but he was still in a pretty good mood the whole time. Serious, perhaps, but not cranky. He also tolerated the noise at the game really well...though I did jump to cover his ears each time the crowd noise crescendoed prior to a goal...because the horn was right above us. He woke up a couple times in the night but fell back to sleep fairly quickly (compared to other nights--we had had a couple great nights and then one really bad one...very inconsistent these days), and ended up sleeping through much of church this morning. He was good but distracted during lunch out, and then has managed to sleep away a good chunk of the afternoon on Craig. Don't worry...Craig is sleeping a bunch, too. As did I. As a result I haven't gotten much done and would love another day to really work on cleaning the house. It's a mess and I really am at the point of wanting to get down on my hands and knees and scrub everything, since Jacob is now down there a lot in much of the house. I just haven't had the time or energy to do a good solid cleaning in months, so now I'm pondering taking a day off just to do that while Jacob's at day care. If I get done early, great...we'll have some bonus time. If not, at least I'll have time to get it all done. We'll see. I'd rather just take a nice day off and take Jacob to the zoo, but a cleaning day may be even more beneficial for him in the long run. Then again, I have a ridiculous amount of work to do at work, so I'm not even sure I can pull off a day off. Ugh.

Jacob's increased mobility has me so paranoid, though. I just look at everything and think about how much damage he could it or to himself. He's curious and strong and quick. Bad combo. He's also incredibly squirmy these days so I'm worried about dropping him myself. He flips himself on the changing table, and squirms and climbs me when I hold him. God forbid I lose my grip, particularly in a place without carpet. The thought just makes me sick. It's such a daunting task to protect him from everything. I wish he was old enough to learn little lessons to help prevent problems, but that doesn't seem to work just yet. Definitely looking forward to when he reasons a bit, and understands the word "No" a little. I was hoping we'd have plenty of weekend time to get more babyproofing done now that the Knighthawks regular season is over, but they did make the playoffs (that's ok...I would never root against them) and will have a game in a couple weeks, and Craig got an offer to do a college game (good $$) next weekend, so he will still be busy for a couple weeks. And when he's busy, most of our weekend days end up like this--full of napping! We'll get there, but it'll probably all drive me nuts in the meantime.

Well, off to try to be way or another...

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