Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sleep Update

Jacob slept badly enough again overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday that we decided it was officially time to call the doctor. Awake every two hours seemed extreme, particularly since he has been a pretty good sleeper most of the time. I don't mind if he wakes up once and is soothed back to sleep easily, but every couple hours was getting very difficult. Since he didn't show any outer symptoms of anything, it was tough to pinpoint why he was waking up. The doctor's office expressed concern that he might have an ear infection, since laying down makes those worse. It seemed plausible, even if he already had one a few weeks ago. Maybe that one never went away. The only thing was that he seemed relatively fine during the day. He's had his eating issues, but in general he hasn't seemed sick.

I'll say it again...thank goodness for a doctor's office with long hours. We got in right after work, which was perfect because I didn't have to make up time. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong, and said it's probably just a developmental stage he's going through, dealing with separation anxiety and all that. Whether he normally wakes up that much and in the past was able to soothe himself back to sleep, or whether waking up as a whole is a new thing, I have no idea. But long story short, no quick fix. However, he did sleep through last night. Thank goodness. I'm not sure why he was able to sleep, but I'll take it regardless.

He did get diagnosed with eczema while we were there. He's had this rash for a while, and it never really seemed to get better or worse. Just some of it on his belly and his back, ranging from looking a little pimply to more like dry patches. Turns out it is eczema, which I was worried it was. I was doing the right thing, though, putting Cetaphil (a good cream) on it whenever possible. We can also use some hydrocortisone. It doesn't appear to be itching him, so I guess that's good. My big concern is that eczema can be a sign of/precursor to allergies. We've long figured that he'll have environmental allergies, but I'm definitely more worried about the food kind, which eczema is more commonly linked to. I never would have thought it would be an issue until Jacob's cousin Grant ended up having nut and egg allergies...and all of a sudden there's a family history. I'm not quite sure what to believe about what causes them, if they can be prevented, etc. On one hand I've read that, for example, peanut proteins can travel through breastmilk and cause an allergy to form, but then I've also heard that a little bit of exposure helps the body adjust to the allergen and therefore prevents allergies. Sometimes they say you should delay introduction, but then other studies say that delaying it only makes it worse. And then there's the theory that if you're prone to it, you're going to get it no matter what. I am definitely scared to death of him ending up with some tricky allergies...heck, I can hardly think of things I'm comfortable with him eating right now, let alone if I have to avoid certain ingredients. I don't think the rash really coincided with the introduction of any specific food, so who knows. Could just be dry skin and that's it, but I'm definitely a little nervous.

We're still status quo on his medications. His dose of Reglan did get upped since he's (finally) gained weight. He weighed in at 20 lbs., though he did have his clothes and diaper on. I figure at least 19.5 lbs., though. He definitely feels like it these days. We go back to the specialist in early May, so we'll see what they have to say. He's still got his cough. Beyond that his reflux symptoms were never 100% obvious (circumstantial at best), so it's tough to tell how well everything is working. This may be something that sticks around for a couple years. Hopefully he will outgrow it eventually, but I suppose he's used to it at this point so there isn't much use in worrying about it.

Well, time to go to bed before we get our first wakeup call....whenever it may be. Enjoy the great weather this weekend...hopefully we'll have a lot of fun and some cool stories to share!

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