Monday, April 27, 2009

Profound Thought

Over the weekend I was driving back from the grocery store and had a very profound thought. Or so I think, anyway! :) You know how some animals' young can walk nearly from the moment they're born? Well, in His infinite wisdom, God did not bestow that ability on humans...for good reason. I'm guessing animal babies get the ability because their parents are unable or unwilling to attend to a helpless, immobile baby. Whether it's the lack of opposable thumbs, or their nature just isn't highly attentive, or spur-of-the-moment travel is necessary for their survival, I'm not sure. But I'm sure God had reasons.

When it comes to human babies, obviously (most) parents are capable of fulfilling their baby's needs, so the baby doesn't need to be mobile right away. But thank goodness they're not, because babies just don't have the cognitive ability to distinguish what's safe and what isn't, or to listen to a parent that's trying to tell them as much. God was merciful enough to spare us many months of mobile insanity, since babies come with enough immobile insanity without spending those first months having to keep tabs on them every moment. I can't imagine having spent the last 10 months doing what I'm doing now--chasing Jacob around the house trying to keep him out of trouble. He still may not understand the concept of safe vs. unsafe or the word "no", but at least we're considerably closer to the point where he will, where his physical ability and mental capacity will even out a bit. Not that he won't still get into trouble once that happens, but least we only had to start this craziness now, rather than the day he was born.

And all that even before the trip to the zoo...

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Mom B. said...

I have one word for you -- PLAYPEN! Only your mom can tell you that!