Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Picture Day

It's been a while, so it's time again for some pictures!

Here are a couple pictures showing Jacob's rash. It's tough to see but you can probably see the blotchiness a little on his belly, back and neck. It only lasted a couple days and didn't seem to itch or anything.

Here's Jacob's first official ride on the swings at the playground on Saturday. I'm not entirely sure what the deal was with this swing, because it wasn't like the baby swings of my youth (it was bigger), but my guess is that it might be for special ed kids at the school, if they need to be strapped in. Still, it worked for Jacob. The only problem was that the swing faced the sun so he could hardly open his eyes to enjoy it. Sunglasses are coming soon...

Here are two pictures I took while sitting at the computer while Jacob tried to figure out this crawling thing. He can still move himself around pretty good despite not being able to crawl. He managed to spin and roll and scoot a couple feet when he decided that the bottom of the chair made a good chew toy. Oh, to have the ability to read a baby's mind...

Looking mischievous already!

Such a handsome little man!

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