Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter and Stuff

I am really looking forward to the weekend...which actually starts tomorrow! I am off work and Jacob and I (and Craig, separately) are heading to Buffalo. Craig has a lacrosse game in Buffalo tomorrow night, then is off to Boston for another game on Saturday. He'll make it back to Buffalo sometime on Sunday morning. Not ideal, for sure, but at least he'll make it there eventually...definitely in time for visiting his family, and hopefully in time for mine, too. Jacob and I will be spending a couple days with my parents, and I know all parties are looking forward to it! Tomorrow evening is a Good Friday Binkley family tradition--prunes and noodles. I think it's a German thing, but all I know is that my Grandma put it on for years, and we've done our best as a family to keep it going in the years since she passed away. It's pretty much what it sounds like: prunes (stewed, maybe?) and noodles (egg?). You serve the prune juice (not "prune juice" but juice from the stewed prunes) over the noodles and add in some buttery crutons. Many of us (particularly the younger generation) opt to forego the juice and just douse the noodles and crutons in butter and parmesan. I did try the juice last year, though, and it was okay. It's always nice to hang out with the family, and even better since Jacob has a new skill to show off! Saturday we're going to spend some time with my longtime friend Heather, perhaps taking a trip to an NT Easter tradition--Platters Chocolate. Yum. It'll probably be jammed, but I think it will be fun. She hasn't seen Jacob since Christmas, so he's definitely changed since then.

Incidentally, I was just laughing a little yesterday when I studied a picture of Jacob on my wall. It was the professional picture we had done before Christmas to give as gifts, and it struck me how little hair he had there compared to now. He still only has this really fine head of baby hair, but there's actually some length to it now and he doesn't look too least not compared to that Christmas picture. It's amazing how you don't really notice changes on your own baby until you have something to reference back to.

Sunday we'll do church and see whatever family we can...probably lunch with my Mom's side and then off to Craig's family gathering. I am looking forward to giving Jacob his first Easter basket, even if it won't have any candy and he won't be able to appreciate it that much yet. But I'm still excited to give him his little bunny-themed rubber ball, bunny in a carrot car rattle, and a couple plastic eggs full of Cheerios. He will like shaking the eggs, and then have a snack later :) I bought him a cute orange gingham shirt yesterday for the occasion. I was hoping for green, but the orange will work. Next year maybe we'll try dyeing eggs or an Easter egg hunt or something like that. He'll be able to eat chocolate by then, too, so perhaps Easter will be a little more of an event for him.

I can't help but think back to last year, when I was really starting to look pregnant at Easter. Of course, Easter was waaaay early last year so by this time last year I was really getting big. But Easter was an exciting time...sitting in church feeling the baby move, wearing my first maternity dress for the first time, showing my new belly off to was neat. This year things are vastly different, from my parents going to a different church to the complete change in lifestyle that a baby brings. Should be a fun weekend. I just hope Jacob sleeps. He finally did last night, by the way, which was awesome. I don't know if it was the extra dose of food he got at day care (they accidentally made up a second batch of fruit and cereal and didn't want to waste it) or if finally elevating the end of his mattress did it. Could be his reflux was bugging him, and elevating the mattress helped. We shall see how tonight goes. I'd say that it wouldn't matter since I'm not working, but we're making the most of my time off and getting our taxes done in the we're on our normal schedule even though I'm not going to work :-P Still, the day off will be great and I am really looking forward to the holiday. If I don't get a chance to blog again, have a very Happy Easter!

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