Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Belated Easter!

Well, we made it through a busy Easter weekend. We had a lot of fun, though I wish Jacob would have slept just a little better. He had some cranky moments but a lot of them seemed to do with being tired...and between the two of us I think we would have had even more fun if we were both well-rested! Craig was in the same boat yesterday, as well, after two straight nights on a bus somewhere between Buffalo and Boston. I think he'll be catching up on his sleep for days. Everyone from both sides of the family seemed to enjoy watching Jacob. His new crawling and pulling up exploits make him extra entertaining. He's really getting pretty good at crawling, and definitely wants to get around most of the time. He's getting better with pulling up, too. He definitely can do it, but it seems to be a matter of getting his feet in the right position and getting a good angle on whatever his support object is. As long as he gets all of that in place, it's a breeze. Otherwise he can get a little stuck. He'll figure it out, though. This weekend he also seemed to be more able to take steps. He's not cruising along furniture or looking like he's even remotely close to walking, but if you hold his hands and lead him along, once in a while he will actually take steps. He also likes to climb me when I'm holding him once in a while these days, so I guess those legs are really starting to get some good use. Jacob is also babbling a lot more, which is a bit of a relief. As you may recall I was a little worried a few weeks back because he wasn't really making any sounds that sounded like anything. Nothing that could be taken as a syllable or that made it sound like he was trying to have a real conversation. I figured it was just a matter of time, and sure enough, he seems to be doing it more and more. He's been making lots of different sounds, some of which sound almost like a foreign language or something--closer to words than baby sounds. So, yeah, he kept us entertained.

He made the family rounds on Friday night at prunes and noodles, but was not a fan of going to church in the evening for the Good Friday service. He just didn't want to sit still. He was fine when we were moving around out in the narthex, but sitting in the pews was a no-go for most of the second half of the service. He did LOVE the red cords that they gave us to drape over a cross. The cords were made out of a stretchy red fabric and were supposed to symbolize our sin. We had to take them up to the altar and drape them over the cross (Jacob was screeching because he did not want to let go--lovely.) and when they stood the draped cross up, it had this cool, almost dripping-blood-like look. Not as creepy as it sounds, I swear. He slept terribly that night, waking up a lot. I held him in bed for a bit but didn't sleep with him for too long.

Saturday we went back to Uncle Jeff's house for breakfast, and he got to play the old piano that has occupied that corner of the living for many years dating back to it being my grandparents' house. More crawling and pulling up (on the nice coffee table with all rounded edges!), and then back home. He fell asleep on the way, so my mom and I popped him right into the stroller when we got home and took him on a walk. It was a little cool, but the sun was nice. Eventually we spent some time with my friend Heather and her husband Peter, and then I left a napping (sort of) Jacob with my parents while Heather, Peter and I ventured to an NT tradition, Platters Chocolate. Yum. While the chocolate can be obscenely expensive, it's so good and worth the splurge once in a while. While their chocolate is part of my Christmas world as well, they ARE Easter chocolate in my mind...primarily because we used to sell it as a fundraiser for Easter every year in grade school, and it was always the chocolate in my Easter basket. They specialize in orange chocolate (chocolate with a hint of orange flavor--much better than you might think), which is a Buffalo thing. All of the food that was around this weekend (and Jacob's evil eye when I was eating it in front of him) really makes me look forward to next year when he can indulge in some of the good stuff. This year there was a lot of, "Hmmmm...I wonder if he can eat that?" I did give him a little tiny piece of ham and a couple little pieces of jello. Of course, last night I noticed that he had some pink patches on his back, so I'm hoping it wasn't an allergic reaction to anything. Ugh. Hopefully just dry skin or something.

Later Saturday we went to Arby's for dinner (I gave Jacob a tiny piece of plain beef), then went to visit Great-Grandma Ellman for a bit. Lots of rolling and crawling there, which made Great-Grandma very nervous on account of the gigantic flower arrangement that was sitting in the middle of her coffee table...Jacob kept eyeing it up! Saturday night overnight was another rough one...better but still rough. Craig got in around 6:15am. We all went to church. Jacob was a little better this time, though he slept through half of it. He ate a bunch of Cheerios at breakfast in the church gym and had fun banging spoons. We went back to my parents and packed up, but not before Jacob got his first Easter basket! Of course, even though the stuff in there was fun, he was more into the Easter grass! I happened to have some paper Easter grass, which I figured would be less messy than plastic Easter grass which gets all over. It was less messy, except that when Jacob drooled and it got on the grass, the green dye came off of it and got on his shirt a bit. Arg. Still, he had fun while it lasted, grabbing the grass and shaking it around. Nice rustling sound it created! After we packed the car, we were off to Craig's family gathering.

We had a good time there. Jacob met some new family members that he hadn't seen yet, so that was nice. I feel bad that some people missed out on him during that whole "baby" phase, when he could just be held quietly in your arms, but schedules just didn't work. Hopefully they'll get to see more of him this summer since Craig isn't working weekends and we have a series of birthday parties from May through July. He'll only get more fun from here, anyway.

We ended up leaving earlier than expected, mostly because Craig was just beat. Two nights of bus "sleeping" (meaning, an hour or two a night) caught up with him, and he was ready to come home and relax. Can't say I blame him...and I wasn't far behind anyway. As usual, it was rough knowing that we had the hour and a half drive ahead of us. Someday I definitely hope we can avoid that. We have a good life here in Rochester, but it would definitely make things easier (in a lot of ways) to live back in Buffalo near to our families. On our way home from visits and parties, we always dream of what it would be like to have a 20 minute (or less!) drive home! But in this economy, we're just lucky to have jobs and it would be a tough call to voluntarily leave them at any point in order to move, because there's no guarantee a new job will hold. Of course, I'd like to get a bigger house before we have any more kids (ours is filling up fast!) so at some point we'd have to ponder where our priorities lie. I don't want to have to move twice in a row!! But that's another issue for another time...

In any event, it was a nice Easter and I will hopefully post some pictures soon! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, as well!

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