Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I never thought I'd say...

Having a baby definitely changes your life. And even if you know that going in, there are still some things that surprise you. I decided to try to compile a list of things that I have said or frequently say that I never thought would come out of my mouth...

1) "Where did my curves go?" - I am not exactly complaining about this one, but I currently weigh about 10 pounds less than my average weight the past couple years. That's so crazy. I think I can only credit breastfeeding, though...the extra 500 calories a day have allowed me to keep eating what I want. I do work out once a week, but that doesn't do a heck of a lot. I was told by an athletic trainer that breastfeeding causes you to lose fat from the butt-hip-thigh region. And apparently, that's true because I suddenly have a flat butt and I'm pretty up and down straight from my waist to my hips. Surprisingly, I feel like I appear heavier in clothes these days, only because my stomach is still flabby and I don't have the hourglass effect to make my waist look smaller. So odd.

2) "Stop eating that _(insert large object here)_!" - So far I think I've said that about tables, shopping carts, and chairs, among other things. Jacob likes to chew on things, and quite frequently we'll catch him trying to chew tables at restaurants from his high chair, much to our chagrin. Last weekend he was trying to chew part of the shopping cart at Target, and I already related the chair-as-chew-toy story in my last post. And that's not even getting into the many other more normal things he's attempted to chew...namely stuffed moose and various body parts.

3) "I'm so happy he pooped." - Yep, you know you're a parent when poop is worthy of a celebration. For a while I feared them completely because most of them were blowouts (and even then I was grateful if he went often because it could help lessen the quantity that might come out at once), but now that he's sometimes on the verge of constipation--namely, it's a lot firmer and less frequent--each poop is a little relief that he's functioning okay.

4) "What was the poop like?" - Again, you know you're a parent when poop is a normal, non-flinch-worthy normal as talking about the weather. And because of the issues mentioned above, I now have to ask about his poop at daycare or any time someone else changes his diaper.

5) Any conversation related to the tail end of my own digestive tract - I at least thought that would wait another 20 years or so to come up in conversation, but labor is the gift that keeps on threw my system off a little, for a few reasons. And it took a long time and a nice high fiber diet to make sure everything was functioning again.

6) "Yummy!" as it relates to any form of pureed food - I was one of those people who cringed during any baby food-related shower game, and I still won't taste them, but I have come to an understanding with baby food. I think it's gross, but I can deal with its existence and will even sometimes lick a splatter off my hand--but pretty much only if it's fruit. But still...Jacob needs to think it's the best thing going, so I frequently have to say an enthusiastic "Yummy!" even if it's really not. But then again, his diet consisted of milk for the first six months of his life, so what does he know?

7) "7am? That's sleeping in!" - My perspective on sleep and sleeping in have definitely changed. Before Jacob I was convinced that 4am didn't even exist...I never saw it for more than, say, a quick glance at the clock if I happened to wake up for a brief moment. Early on in this experience I got quite familiar with times like that. Fortunately those occurrences have been fewer and farther between since Jacob started sleeping through the night, but once in a while we do see those terrible wee hours. My alarm goes off at 6am each morning and I get out of bed by 6:30, so if I ever get to actually sleep until 7 on the weekends, it is sleeping in. And if Craig happens to take a morning shift with Jacob and lets me sleep later (since he usually gets a good 1-1/2 - 2 hours more sleep than me), even better. It's a wonderful thing to even lay in bed until 8am.

I can't remember if I had more in mind when I conceived of this topic, but I think these are some pretty good ones...

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