Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Pictures!

I finally got around to pulling pictures off my camera from Easter weekend. So here goes...

Here's Jacob playing the infamous piano on Holy Saturday morning. It spent many long years in my grandparents' living room, and has stayed put even now that it's my Uncle Jeff's house. Many, many grandchildren have pounded away on that piano, and it's cool that Jacob can be added to that list!

How cool is he? :)
A nice family picture from Easter morning...

Jacob checking out his Easter basket, complete with his bunny-in-a-carrot-car rattle, rubber ball, and two eggs filled with Cheerios.
Of course, none of that held a candle to the most entertaining thing in the basket...the grass!

Here is Jacob enjoying the Easter grass...shaking things violently is one of his favorite activities these days...though usually it's with cloth (scarves of fabric at day care, clothes laying on the bed). Enjoy!

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