Monday, May 5, 2008

Shower #2

I survived shower #2! It wasn't that bad, actually...even though the not-necessarily-knowing-everyone's-name thing is a little awkward. But the place was beautiful, the food was awesome, and we got a lot more of the stuff that we need. But here are the highlights:

The food was amazing...mostly breakfast foods. Fruit, danishes, croissants, breads, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries, waffles (with strawberry sauce, syrup and whipped cream), and some sort of chicken ala king-type stuff over puff pastry. Yum. It's times that like that pregnancy is wonderful, because not only do I have a few extra calories to work with, but my stomach is nearly a bottomless pit. The cake was great, too, and my co-workers are enjoying what's left of it today.

We had quite the load of gifts, and almost got all of them home. We still have a couple bags and a basket to pick up next weekend. Not bad considering the pile...

Despite the bounty of gifts (which we're all extremely grateful for), there's still so many things we still need. We figured we'd eventually have to buy our furniture, but there's a lot of simple, important things that we still haven't gotten. Needless to say, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my work shower this Friday, that people will stick to the registry and use it correctly! There's plenty of useful stuff left to buy!

We did get our "travel system" (stroller and car seat), so that was good. At least we know that if I went into labor tomorrow we could actually get the baby home from the hospital. Very important. We also got pack-n-play sheets, so the baby would officially have a place to sleep, too. :)

Overall it was a really nice shower. Craig's mom and sister-in-law put together quite the event, and our niece Madeline was very helpful in making the gift opening go mercifully quickly. Extremely grateful on all counts. One more shower to go, and then it's time to figure out what we still need and how best to spend the cash and gift cards to get it all.

And I have to share this little story as well...When we got to Buffalo on Saturday evening, we had to deal with some windy, rainy weather. As we got closer to Craig's parents, we saw a gigantic tree down. Ultimately, when we got to Craig's parents, their entire backyard was a disaster area. Everything from the patio table to the grill was blown over and scattered. They had some damage to an outdoor lamp, their umbrella, and a section of the fence around their pool. The fence baffled us, because we couldn't figure out why a chain-link fence would blow down. Come to find out, the fence was a victim of a trampoline a couple houses down that blew across a couple yards, hopped one side of the fence, blew over the pool, bowled through the other side of the fence, blew across two more yards and over someone else's fence. Think that's bad? The first communion party a couple doors down pretty much literally blew away...tents, food, drinks, everything. The chafing dishes started a couple minor fires in the midst of it all, too. Crazy, huh? They say it wasn't a tornado, though the neighbors did see some sort of funnel...but probably it was just some crazy winds whipping up dust. Seems like that isolated area had to have more than the 50mph gusts that were reported, though. Their neighborhood even made the news! Anyway, before we actually got there, we were driving along the lakeshore and you could see exactly where the clouds ended. As we drove, the sun peeked out from underneath. It was still pouring, so immediately I started looking around for a rainbow...and I was not disappointed. It was the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen. Not only that, but there were two! Check out this picture from when we drove into Craig's parents' neighborhood:

You can just see the second rainbow off to the left. The picture doesn't even do the main rainbow justice...the colors were so vivid. And it was a full, huge arch all the way across the didn't just disappear halfway across like a lot of rainbows do. It was truly an unreal sight. Just wanted to share...

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