Thursday, May 8, 2008

My New "Mama-Mobile" :)

After a couple weeks of craziness, I finally picked up my new car on Tuesday. It's a nice new Toyota Corolla. I originally wanted to get it in a dark grey color, but unfortunately I had a few specifications for the car (not the least of which is that it had to be one made in the USA by the UAW, to keep the peace with Craig's family), and all of those specifications together meant that I had to compromise on the color. Oh well. Of course, the salesperson screwed up a bit anyway and the car didn't have keyless entry (why any decent car in this day and age doesn't, I have no idea), so that had to get installed, but the place that did it didn't hook up the trunk button so now I have to get it back there sometime soon for that. All of these issues made this car-buying process a lot longer and more difficult than it had to be, but I'm just happy it's almost over (and that I got an in-dash 6-disc CD changer that I didn't have to pay for, due to the dealer picking out the wrong car without keyless entry).

Picking it up Tuesday was crazy, because I had to run to FedEx after work to send something out, then I had to run to the dealer to do all the final stuff and pick up the car, before heading back to the city for a quick bite to eat and childbirth class. We ended up having to eat our dinner while waiting for class to start. It was such a crazy couple hours, and I can tell that my body just isn't up for that stuff anymore. While my energy's been ok in this third trimester, I definitely have my moments. And I'm not sure if it was just that crazy spurt that wiped me out, or the culmination of a disorienting couple of weeks.

Let me just say that pregnancy isn't the ideal time to get in a car accident and have parts of your life on hold or off their routine, because "pregnancy brain" makes it all that much worse. Mentally I was pretty sharp up until recently, and I think with the car accident and all that resulted, it's thrown me off completely. Way too many extra details to deal with on a daily basis. Between having to work out carpooling and coordinating things at our house (Craig has been awesome, meeting with garage door people (finally--new one was installed today) and exterminators (slight mouse issue in our attic and walls)), arranging trips to the car dealer, baby classes, workouts, two showers in Buffalo, and whatever else, it left me completely out of sorts.

It's amazing how much not having your own car can throw you off; particularly me, who was never a "live out of my car" sort of person. I felt lost when I forgot my garage door opener in my old car and had to drive the rental car around without it for a few days. Then I was paranoid that I'd leave that or my work parking pass in the rental (or temporary Corolla I got after we realized the keyless entry issue), so I kept carting that stuff around in my briefcase and forgetting to have it handy when I needed it. Oy.

It was quite a relief to get my new car and be able to keep my opener and my parking pass in the right places, though I have yet to settle in completely. I still have to go through all of the stuff I took out of my old car (maps, etc.) and put them in my new car. I guess that's where the energy loss gets to the end of the day it's the last thing I want to do!

Long story short, I'm just hoping my brain returns to normal now that things have settled down a bit. Of course, I still have a ton of stuff to do, but now that I have my own car back and don't have to worry about carpooling, borrowing Craig's, or buying one to begin with, I'm hoping it'll all get a little easier. I suppose all of this is just preparing me to be a mental spaz when the baby comes and I have a million new things to remember...yikes!

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