Monday, May 26, 2008

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend...

Why? Because I'd like every weekend to be this pleasant and productive. It's nice to have time for a little of everything...from relaxation to family time to productivity. Craig was on the road Friday and got home at the crack of dawn on Saturday. I managed to do a couple things Friday night--nothing big--but enough to make me feel like I didn't just sit around here and do nothing. I put the wheels on the stroller, for example. Saturday morning I went to pick up my new new car. Yeah, the car saga never really ended when I posted the picture of it on here. Turns out they could never get the trunk hooked up to the keyless entry so they had to get me a new car. I lost the CD changer but gained my beloved keyless entry (if it wasn't for the baby I probably would have lived without it, but knowing my hands will be full for the next, oh, two decades, keyless entry won out). The frustration for the last month was really annoying, but I did go another month without a car payment and I got a car with about 600 less miles on it. My payment is also going down about $9 a month. Not a bad deal overall, I suppose, but I'm just happy the frustration appears to be over (knock on wood).

After that, I stopped at Target (first of four times this weekend--for various reasons) and Babies 'R' Us and discovered that the crib we wanted to buy is on stop-sale...which means it's not discontinued, but they're not selling it right now either. So...back to the drawing board on that. I came home, broke the news to Craig, and spent some time online finding a replacement. I think we've got something psyched out, but let's just hope I don't go early because we'll need all the time we can get to make sure that we have a crib and dresser ordered, delivered, assembled and full by the time the baby gets here!

After a productive trip to Wal-Mart (finally found my favorite flowers to plant, got a birthday gift, some cards and a photo album), we headed off to Buffalo for some family time, first with Craig's parents, then on to my family's yesterday for a Memorial Day picnic at my parents'. My Aunt Sue (a faithful blog reader!) and my cousin Kristi were in town to be there for my grandma, who had hip replacement surgery (#3) this week. My cousin Kevin, who lives in Reno, was also in town. It was good to see them and to hang out with the rest of the family. It was a beautiful day, finally (and I have the sunburn to prove it). We finished things off by going to Target, getting our crib mattress, and heading back to Rochester. Lots of researching for that purchase, so I'm glad that's over. On a funny note, we paid 10 cents for it. We had gift cards that covered the rest, and rather than break into another gift card, we just shelled out the dime :)

This morning I woke up early and decided to go outside and plant some flowers before the weather got bad, as was forecasted. I got that done and got back into bed for an hour or so, then Craig and I got up and did more yard work. He mowed, and I trimmed and cleaned up the disaster of shoots under our lilac bush. It was pretty hot out by then, but I didn't push myself...don't worry! We did some running around (we have a LOT of birthdays to buy for in the coming weeks, especially since I'll be out of commission once July hits) and did our returns at Babies 'R' Us. We now officially know what kind of gift card money we have left, so we can get organized and go buy the rest of what we need between the two stores...and whatever's left will go to diapers and whatever else! Then we made Craig's weekend by going to see a matinee of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. He's been waiting patiently since Thursday (and is still eagerly anticipating the Lego Indiana Jones video game release next week), so it was my wifely duty to go. Don't ask me to review it, because I don't remember the originals well enough to judge, but it was entertaining...a little weird, but entertaining. We came home, grilled some chicken for dinner, and are settling in for the night. It never did rain, by the way. Those weather forecasters are crazy.

So yeah, it was a productive weekend but with just enough relaxation to make it enjoyable. We got some baby stuff done, which we need to do pretty much every weekend now to get ready in time. But really, every weekend should be like this! Unfortunately, it's back to work tomorrow...but at least it's a four day week. The bad news is that I keep wishing away my weeks to get to the weekends, but the more I do that the closer we're going to get...and I really don't want to be wishing away our last few weeks of normalcy. It's a tough balance!

And get this...tomorrow is our last childbirth class. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess! But wow...once upon a time it was so far off, then it was here, and now it's almost over. Unbelievable...and I hear it only goes faster once the baby's born. Hold on to your hats...

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Corrina said...

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