Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pics from shower #3

I got the disc this morning with pictures from shower #3, my work shower, so I figured I'd share a few. There's not much to show, because honestly, this shower was pretty low key...I mean, it was a really nice shower, but how exciting is it showing people sitting in a conference room full of food and a few decorations? And some of the artsy shots my boss attempted probably wouldn't communicate the big picture, you know?
So anyway...

This is the haul from this shower. Lots of good stuff as usual, and in a manageable amount to get down to the car in one trip. Thank goodness. It's nice working with mostly women, because they're so good about wrapping things pretty :)
Ah, yes, me prior to unwrapping. Gotta love the hot seat. Showers in a big room like that are weird because half the people care what you're opening and half the people are engrossed in their own conversations. So, you don't want to be too sheepish and not project your voice (so as to offend those who do care, particularly when you're opening their gift), but you also don't want to be loud and center-of-attention-ish (so as to annoy those who are just there for the food and socializing). I will point out, though, the coolest baby shower decoration ever hanging up in the background across the front of the flat screen...it's a Hawaiian-ish garland, complete with flowers and paper lanterns. I saved it to hang in the baby's room, once I figure out where it'll work. It's that cute. Oh, and you should have seen me trying to get those balloons home...
And finally, me with the cake. Black is a wonderful color, I'd say, since you can't even tell I'm pregnant in this picture! The cake was awesome, by the way. It was covered in fondant stars (fondant's the stuff that makes those picture perfect wedding cakes you see in magazines all the time, for those of you who don't know), and it said "Best Wishes Amy". It was a pretty periwinkle color (a purplish blue, in case you don't remember your Crayola colors), and inside it was marble...and really, really delicious.

I had some really great showers. It's so nice when people are so caring and generous, especially when you're facing something so momentous. As I've mentioned before, bridal showers are odd because they're very "me" oriented, but baby showers are all about the baby (or at worst, making the parents' life a little easier as they take care of the baby), so getting the things you registered for (or other thoughtful gifts) really means so much more, because it's equipping you for the next phase of your life without you having to break the bank (too much, anyway). It's a load off your mind with every gift you get. And these days, that's a good thing!

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