Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Workout Worries

Last time around I continued going to my class at the gym right through 7-1/2 months.  It wasn't always easy, but I had the benefit of having two older women in class with me, one who was going through chemo and another with some physical limitations, who both did the countless modifications of the class exercises with me.  Maybe the class was easier than the one I'm taking now...or maybe it just felt better to have people right there with me.  It's hard to tell. 

But here I am around the five month mark (I think--I'm nearly 24 weeks, so whatever that works out to be), and I'm starting to doubt my ability to keep it up.  My original goal was to keep it up until Christmas.  I figured that there would be enough distractions during Christmas that I might miss a class or two, and once that happened it would be extra hard to go back.  But I was hoping to make it until then.

However, I'm starting to doubt myself.  I'm already making a lot of modifications.  Tonight at class I had a period of time where I had to skip a few sets because I started to get a little lightheaded.  I remember that happening once or twice last time I was pregnant, too.  It would be one thing if there was a magic formula that caused issues like that, but there isn't.  I can go through the exact same workout two weeks in a row, and one week it could affect me, and the next it won't.  It's not just a matter of working out too hard, because I'm very conscious of that and do my best to take it easy.  It could be a certain motion, or being a little extra tired, or being a little warmer.  But I don't really know what might cause it until it happens. Fortunately, it's pretty apparent to me when I'm heading down that road, so I can usually stop doing what I'm doing, take a break, and recover without a problem.  That's what happened last time, and that's what happened this time.  I took it easy for the rest of class and everything was fine by the end. 

I don't want to give it up entirely from one iffy experience that may have been caused by one perfect storm of circumstances. So, I'll try again next week, be extra careful, and see how it goes. And if it happens again, I'll think about it again.  I'll admit it all makes me a little nervous, but again, if it's just a mix of circumstances I don't want to give up my level of activity prematurely.  I don't want to risk getting out of shape, gaining too much weight, or becoming inactive enough to start getting random aches and pains.  I credit my workouts last pregnancy with helping me stay in shape and feel good for pretty much my whole pregnancy, and I really don't want to risk that this time.  I think I worked out twice a week last time and right now I'm only managing once, so that may be making things harder, as well. I'm a little bigger this time around, too. 

The next step down is just doing the elliptical or walking on a treadmill, which is doable but boring.  I will step down to that, sooner than I did last time for sure, but I don't want to give up class before I have to because so much of it is still doable.  I'm still probably doing more than some of the older ladies in the class, but perhaps I just need to give myself a break, lighten up on the weights, slow down, and see how it goes.  I'll check my ego at the door and just do what I can until I can't do it anymore.  Something is better than nothing...

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