Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Reasons Why I'm Bummed About Florida...

So, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, it appears our trip to Florida isn't happening, at least not anytime soon.  I talked to the doctor this morning during my monthly visit (on a side note, my December appointment is my last monthly visit before going to every two weeks.  I can't believe we're already getting to that point!) and asked about traveling at 35 weeks, which I would have been in the first week of February.  She said they normally don't recommend it after 34-35 weeks because there's just too much risk.  If something happens, you have a premature baby stuck in a hospital far away, for however many weeks it takes to get them healthy and ready to travel.  Add in that it's simply not comfortable to travel or be super active by that point, and they just don't recommend it all around. I guess that's good to know.

Anyway, as I said previously, I'm obviously disappointed as it would have been a fun trip and Jacob would have had a blast.  The doctor also said, by the way, that her youngest was four when they went, and she doesn't remember a thing.  I'm pretty sure Jacob would remember bits and pieces (I do from when I went that young), and he's constantly bringing up minute details of trips we've taken and things we've done.  I know a lot of that is because we've talked about things and looked at pictures after the fact, but I guess it was good to hear that perhaps it's not a bad thing if we have to wait a little longer, at least for that reason.

Along with all of the usual reasons I'm bummed the trip isn't happening, I have some random ones, too...which is just extra proof that pregnancy is an odd, awesome, life-altering experience...

1) It would have been a great time to immortalize the bump - My belly still hasn't rounded out perfectly, but it's definitely reaching a better stage of cuteness and it would have been a nice time to capture it in vacation photos.  I'm not massively huge and uncomfortable-looking, either, so this would have been a cool period to have splashed across our photo album for posterity.  It would have dramatically upped the number of pregnant photos I have of myself, if nothing else!

2) I really wanted to use my summer maternity clothes - I was pregnant for about a month and a half of warm weather last time, so I amassed a pretty decent amount of summer attire.  Nothing crazy, but enough to get me through quite a few weeks of work and lots of evenings and weekends in a very warm house.  I had a few pairs of capris, a couple pairs of shorts, some solid t-shirts, and a handful of adorable tops.  I was really looking forward to getting at least some use out of them during this vacation, since the rest of my pregnancy will be spent in the doldrums of winter.  Now I'll just have to look through them one more time with an eye toward what could be layered under sweaters, and leave it at that.  Bummer.

3) I really wanted a churro - When I went to Disney when I was nine, I discovered the joy of churros.  What a delightful little piece of fried joy!  I was excited about getting one when we went to Disney five years ago, but for some reason I never did.  I don't know if I decided they were too expensive, or the one churro stand I found wasn't at a convenient snacking time, or what.  But this time I figured I could plan things better, and perhaps the churro would even qualify for the meal plan-approved snack for the day.  And since I'm pregnant, I'd have fewer guilt issues about digging into a giant piece of fried food dipped in sugar.  I guess it will have to wait until next time.

4) I think my bathing suit would have still fit - A year ago I bought a bathing suit on clearance that I thought was a good choice for someone hoping to have another baby.  It was plain black, a little retro-looking, with ruching up the entire front.  It left a little room for a bigger belly (either for early pregnancy or post-pregnancy) without making it painfully obvious or looking too matronly.  I hadn't actually tried it on recently, but I was hopeful that it would still fit so I had something to wear for our days around the pool.  I wasn't sure I could say the same for my tankini, and I'm just not sure I'm bold enough to go all Hollywood and wear a bikini while pregnant, no matter how tiny and tight my belly may be.  So, this was really the perfect window for that bathing suit.  If we somehow manage to book a date at some point in the next month or two, which would be great but isn't looking likely, I'm not sure I'll be able to avoid shelling out the cash for a maternity suit given how much time we could be spending poolside.  Hmmm...on second thought, maybe I'm bolder than I thought ;-)

5) I finally set up vacation ahead of time, and it still didn't work out - I'm slightly famous in my department for putting in late notice on vacations.  It's not really a problem, but it just seems that when you have a husband with a crazy schedule, along with a child, sometimes it's not particularly easy to plan way ahead unless we absolutely have to.  Even the Atlanta trip was only booked a couple weeks in advance, and beyond maybe one trip with a few weeks notice each year, most of my vacation days end up being one-offs here and there that I decide on a week ahead.  This time I was able to put the vacation days on the calendar practically at the beginning of the year.  They'd been there for months and I was able to plan around them for a change.  And then, of course, it didn't end up happening.  On one hand it's nice because it validates my hesitance to plan ahead, but as a whole it just makes me shake my head and wonder why I'm never able to live a nicely planned existence.

6) Scheduling vacation is hard - It may seem like a good problem to have--we have two months left in the year and I now have 5.5 vacation days left to schedule, on top of the four I had already allocated for Christmas week since my company's holiday flex time setup isn't as flexible as I'd like it to be (making up 22.5 hours of work in full-hour increments when you have a kid on a set schedule is not easy).  And while I can definitely use some time off to prepare for the baby and the holidays, it's a lot harder to pick days arbitrarily than it is to have a set vacation that has been planned in advance.  When days are more random, there's more guilt about potentially missing something or not getting something done at a certain time.  When time is this short, there's just never a "good" time to be off because there's always something pressing. 

7) Getting past the stress - Traveling, though awesome, can be a rather stressful experience.  From taking care of work prior to the vacation, to getting everyone packed, to navigating the airport with bags and a child, to hoping for good flights and hotels, to just enjoying the time, it can be a little stressful.  And knowing I'd be pregnant and we'd have a rather large group of people to move around and accommodate, I'll admit this trip worried me a little at times.  I knew that in the end we'd have fun and see so many awesome things, and hopefully enjoy some fantastic weather, so the stress wasn't crazy, but there were specific moments (like the airports and flights) that I had some anxiety about.  Disney is magical, no doubt, so I figured that regardless of any stresses that might pop up, that magic would carry us through.  So while on one hand I'm relieved that I won't be dealing with that kind of stress while pregnant, on the other I'm guessing there might still be a trip at some point down the road and most likely we'd be doing it with a baby on top of it.  So, whereas going on the trip now would have gotten me past that anxiety (and hopefully made me less worried about future trips), now it's just sort of hanging out there as a "what if" for the future.  Bummer.

8) Christmas made easy? - I figured that going to Disney would give me a head start on Christmas since we'd have dozens of shops to check out.  I could buy gifts for my brother's kids, potentially, and we'd have our nieces and nephews right there to get instant feedback or gauge their interest in certain things in preparation for buying their gifts.  And of course, we could always get things for Jacob, too.  In addition, perhaps some experience there would even spark a new interest for him that we could have used for Christmas gift ideas.  Back to the drawing board, I guess...

9) I was hoping shopping would get me more excited for a boy - Last time we went to Disney when I was newly pregnant, I was a little bummed walking around the stores because as much as I wanted to get something for our new addition, so much of the baby stuff was gender-specific.  I had the same feeling when we went to Atlanta, as well.  But now we know that there's another little boy in there so we could have gotten something special for him on the trip.  And knowing that I would be picking out a special gift chosen specifically based on all we know of him so far (that he's a boy), I think I could have gotten pretty into that hunt.  Even last night when we were at JC Penney, I was browsing a rack of clearance items and found myself getting a little excited about the prospect of buying a whole new crop of cute little boy stuff.  Not that this baby will need a lot, but I'm sure there are some holes to fill given seasonal differences this time around, and sometimes something is just too cute to pass up.  And even the boy stuff last night was cute enough to get me a little imagine what Disney would have had to offer!

10) Sibling equality - The last time we went to Disney, I swore I would never go there again while pregnant.  The screams from the roller coasters had a Pavlovian effect on me and it killed me to be missing out on those thrills.  Fast forward nearly five years, and what was on the agenda?  Yep, another pregnant trip to Disney.  Famous last words...or so I thought, since in the end my declaration might actually hold true after all.  We always joke to Jacob that we have taken him to Disney (although his view from my belly was presumably less than ideal--ha!), and I was looking forward to continuing the joke with the next one, as well.  Seemed only fair, right?

Anyway, I'm well aware that there are bigger bummers pertaining to this trip than these 10 items.  I feel bad for Craig's mom that she's had to go through the health issues she's had, and I feel bad for both her and my sister-in-law in regards to the significant amount of planning they put into this trip. At this point I don't know if there's going to be any financial losses from all of this, but I'm hoping they'll be minimal.  I'm bummed for our niece and nephews who have never been there and are all old enough to realize what they're missing out on.  I'm hoping they can all still go at some point soon, even if we can't. 

So, again, I know these are tiny little problems in the grand scheme of things.  So many people are dealing with so many worse problems right now (my thoughts and prayers are still with everyone impacted by Sandy), and even within the realm of this trip itself, these are tiny little issues compared to the true bummers of the trip.  If you've heard the term "first world problems", consider these the upper tier of that.  I'm well aware that they're tiny little issues and could probably be considered shallow, but I figured it was funnier to talk about these than rehash the same old stuff.  I hope you agree...

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