Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Reality Check...

My computer at work uses a slideshow screensaver that shuffles through the pictures in my photo folder.  It even shows videos sometimes.  Today when I walked into my cubicle, this video was playing:

I knew right away that the video was taken in the spring of 2010, right after we moved into our house.  I remember the day well.  He cracked up so much when the limbs popped off his Ironman that I had to capture it on tape.  It still cracks me up.  I couldn't even hear the audio today, but the smile on his face was awesome.  

But seeing a two-year-old Jacob, and realizing how much older he is now, how little he was then, and how long ago that really was, really blew my mind.  I forget sometimes that Jacob is getting so close to five years old. In fact, it'll be five years this weekend that I found out I was pregnant.  Apparently the past 2-1/2 years have flown, because it doesn't seem like that long ago that Jacob was that silly little boy.  Yet here he is now,  all grown up.  

I'm sad that I don't have many videos from more recent times (mostly because I either don't think about it or because the second the camera comes out he's uncooperative), because I know this era is going to go by just as quickly and it will be just as precious down the road as these old videos are now.  It's hard to remember all of the little details and quirks from when he was younger--sleep deprivation may have something to do with that--but these videos bring back little bits of it.  They're so awesome to have.

Of course, now we're on our way to having #2, and we'll have another baby to take pictures and videos of.  Second children have a reputation for being forgotten in comparison to their first-born siblings, but I hope that doesn't happen in our case.  I hope I have learned from experience and remember to pull out the video more often.  In fact, I want to get a better digital video recorder since their file sizes are generally a little better than my regular camera, and I'd be more willing to just video random longer clips with something like that.  I'm looking forward to some great interaction between the boys, if nothing else!

Of course, seeing that video made me happy we're doing this all over again so we have another giggly baby to look forward to!  Time goes too quickly...and I need to capture it!

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