Friday, November 23, 2012


Obviously there's a lot to be thankful for.  Even before last week we had a lot to be thankful for.  Our home, jobs, families, Jacob, and our little dude on the way.  And then last week happened.  Yet amidst all of the stress, fear, and loss, there was still so much more to be thankful for...that I was safe, that the baby was safe, and it wasn't any worse than it was.  As everyone kept saying, "Cars can be replaced..."  Of course, that feeling of safety and simplicity can't be, which is probably going to be the lasting legacy of this accident.  Every day, twice a day, my commute now stands as this imposing barrier between me and the next portion of my day.  I need to get past the morning commute to do my job, and I need to get past the evening commute to have my night at home with my family.  It's so much more of a burden now, and while I hope that feeling will fade with time, I hope I can keep up an extra eye toward safety in the long run.  Not that I didn't before, but it never hurts to stay extra-aware. 

Anyway, yesterday it was nice to step back and appreciate our lives away from the craziness of the last couple weeks.  We got to enjoy some time with our families, and after days of Jacob being extra difficult, he was actually a sweet, lovely little boy yesterday.  We started the day with church with my parents, with the added bonus of seeing my friend Heather and her husband, who were in town visiting her mom, and being able to wish Heather a happy birthday, on her birthday, in person!  We had a delicious lunchtime meal with my parents, my aunt, two uncles, and my cousin, who were all new faces to have around the table.  The food was awesome--including pumpkin ice cream pie made by my uncle with the recipe from our family's favorite restaurant that no longer exists.  It was a little touch of my grandparents' legacy to finish off our meal. 

We headed out to Craig's family after that.  I was sorry to miss an evening with my extended family, but I was looking forward to another wonderful meal with Craig's family.  Pregnancy has its perks, although between these two meals, even that saw its limits!  The food was once again amazing, and Jacob had a great time with his cousins.  The weather was warm enough to play baseball outside without a coat, and he had a blast!  As we went around the table saying what we were thankful for, this year I had very little trouble coming up with a response.  One that touched me specifically was Craig's Nana's.  She's the only grandparent we have left between us, and she has not been in great health recently.  She's a tough-as-nails woman who has been through a lot in her 93 years.  I value her presence greatly, possibly because she reminds me a bit of my grandpa, who despite his often-gruff exterior, had this undertone of love and pride toward his family.  My cousins and I probably made him nuts at times, but there were moments where you'd see the twinkle in his eye and know he was pleased with the family he had helped to create.  Anyway, Craig's Nana was thankful to be there with the family and hopeful that she'd stick around long enough to meet her newest great-grandchild.  I, too, hope that she will.  In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, that was one of my greatest wishes for this child.  I am still sad that Jacob never got to meet either of my grandparents on my dad's side, and I'm grateful he had the time with my mom's mom that he did.  I barely knew my grandfather on that side and always wished he'd have stuck around longer so I had memories of him, as well.  As I recall, I met one of my great-grandmothers on my mom's side, though I only have vague memories of that.  I knew one of my other great-grandmothers quite well and feel fortunate to have a nice set of memories of her (and one special keepsake) before a broken hip started her long descent.  I know Jacob (and most certainly his brother) won't have memories quite like that, but I treasure the picture I have of Nana holding Jacob when he was a tiny, scrawny baby, and hope to have another just like it with his brother, just so he knows that he met his last great-grandparent and was loved by her even for a short time. 

Possibly the best part of the day was watching everyone, Nana and Jacob included, play Wii Bowling!  Both of them had a bit of a hard time with the controller, but it was so great to see the joy on their faces when they did well.  It was a little hard to capture on film, and I haven't had a chance to download the pictures or video yet, but suffice it to say it was fun to watch! 

As I said, with all of the food even pregnancy saw its limits.  By evening my belly was sore and felt even larger than usual.  I think the added stretch of a full stomach was a bit much for it and I had a hard time staying comfortable.  The baby also wasn't moving very much, which was a little weird and slightly disconcerting.  I felt him enough to know he was there and fine, but all I can figure is that a day of carbs and tryptophan has the same impact on a fetus as it does on its mommy!  Or maybe the full belly made things extra cozy in there and he just snoozed the day away!  He's been kicking as usual today and I'm relieved to be much more comfortable. 

Craig had to work today and I was supposed to be spending the day getting the house decorated for Christmas, but instead I got the fall decor put away and am relaxing a bit while Jacob naps.  Once he wakes up we'll be off to the bank to get the check for my new car, and then we'll rush off to get the car before going to a dinner tonight to celebrate the Knighthawks' championship season.  Nice to know I still have two days to be productive before heading back to work Monday!

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