Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Perks of Having a Dad in Sports

Jacob is a very lucky little boy.  He was born into a family with prime access to the sports world.  At one time both of his parents worked in professional sports, and now, at almost age 4, his daddy has won three championships--two with the Knighthawks and one with the Rattlers (who, ironically, play against the team he works for now in the same league).  With parents like that, he lives in a house full of sports memorabilia, has a TV that's often tuned to sports, and gets to go to far more real games than most kids his age.  A while back I ran into a friend from college who I knew was a sports fan.  He said he hasn't really taken his son to games because most of them happen right at his bedtime.  Jacob's bedtime is a little later than most kids, I'd guess (9pm right now--I'm sure it will have to get earlier once he hits real school)--but sports has always been a part of his life and going to games together has been a fun outing for all of us.  In fact, I can't imagine his life so far without them.  No doubt the heavy sports influence he had has shaped the sports nut he is today.  I guess over the years we've all adjusted to the fallout from all those late nights--some cranky weekends, I guess--and deemed it worth the effort.  Winning a championship once again reminds us why Craig loves working in the business as much as he does, despite the many drawbacks, and this past Saturday was yet another reminder of the perks of a life like this.

Craig had to take the Cup out to a local Tim Hortons location that the team president frequents.  There were going to be a couple of the dance team members there, along with the mascot, and the Town of Chili (pronounced Chi-lie for all non-Rochestarians out there--long I's like "eye") Fire Department made an appearance as well.  It ended up being a pretty low-key event, but we managed to have a good time nonetheless. 

First thing we did was head out to the fire truck.  Jacob was super-excited at the prospect of getting up in the truck, and was all smiles the whole time he was in there:
Little boy, BIG truck
The firefighters thought the trophy was pretty cool, and this just looked like a nice photo op...sort of like the truck and the cup are becoming friends :)

Back inside, Jacob got to hang out with his favorite mascot, R. Thunder.  He has been obsessed with this bird since he was a tiny little boy.  He still loves him and lights up when he sees him.  He gives him hugs and just wants to hang out with him no matter how many other people are around.  Once at an appearance he led him around by the hand the whole time.  It's hilarious, though I feel bad for the mascot because Jacob is totally fixated on him.  Jacob actually wanted his picture taken with him, which never happens any other time. 

He proceeded to sit next to him and talk his ear off pretty much the whole time we were there.  Jacob does realize that he's just a mascot, though, as we had a pretty humorous conversation while we were there about it.  Craig was trying to convince him that he's a real bird, and Jacob knew that the head was a mask.  Smart kid.  It was also quite funny watching the bird try to drink his iced cappuccino...both "fake" drinking through his beak, and also awkwardly sticking the straw up the neck to his real mouth.  Classic.

Before we left, Craig noticed a sign hanging up and decided it would make for a great photo op:

After those few hours, Craig joked that he was done for the day--fire truck, time with the mascot, some free ice cream--quite a full day for the little man!  It's not every day a three-year-old kid gets to hang out with a fire truck, championship trophy, two attractive girls, and one furry friend.  Quite the life our lucky little boy leads, isn't it? 

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