Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh, the irony...

Have I mentioned that Jacob is obsessed with the "Red Solo Cup" song?  Well, he is.  He saw the video once, completely randomly, when we were watching a country music video countdown.  I don't know why he latched onto it so quickly, but he did.  And he's been singing it ever since.  He's taught his friends.  He's changed the words to fit circumstances.  And yes, I'm trying to see the bright side of that last issue, because that's got to be evidence for some advanced level of cognitive function, that he can change the words, to the tune, to suit current circumstances.  Craig does stuff like that to song lyrics all the time, and apparently his son has picked up the skill, as well. 

I find the whole thing a little embarrassing.  I mean, he's four.  No, he may not know what, exactly, is in those Solo cups, but I'm pretty sure he gets that it is for a party, and based on our initial reaction, he probably has an inkling that it's a grown-up thing.  Ugh.

Anyway...tonight I was showing Jacob some pictures of his first birthday party.  That was quite the day.  I had never really thrown a birthday party before, and it was a miserably rainy, cold day, so the party was mostly relegated to our garage, and to some degree our basement.  We managed, not without hiccups, and ended up with horrific timing when it came to the two most important points of the party--gift opening and cake smashing.  Jacob was getting tired near the end of gift opening and totally lost interest, and then was completely cranky when we tried to do cake.  He didn't eat much of his smash cake, but he did inhale my piece of cake much later in the day, after a nap.  Oy.  I just figured Jacob might enjoy seeing old pictures of himself, and then I came across this picture:

And this one...
We miss you, Great-Grandma!
Apparently he's been into red Solo cups all along.  Who knew?  The cup was a lifesaver during part of the party because it was the only thing breaking him out of his cranky, nap-deprived mood.  I guess I should have known that he'd take to that song immediately since he's apparently always had a thing for red, plastic beverage receptacles. 

Let's hope his affection for them wanes by the time he's a teenager.  That's a hard enough battle to fight without him already being a fan of the cup itself!

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Baby Making Mama said...

Well at least he knows what he likes right? haha, that's awesome. What do you think it is about those cups? The color?