Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sick :(

Jacob is sick again.  He and Craig went to Strong Museum of Play yesterday with Craig's brother's family, who was in town for a field trip.  I'd like to blame it on that since we all know those places are germ nightmares, but it came on a little too quickly for that, I think.  When I got home from work Jacob felt warm, and sure enough, he had a fever.  He's congested and coughing, too.  He's been pretty lethargic and quite difficult at times.  We're enjoying the quality snuggle time, but he doesn't want to sit at the table to eat, and put up a major fuss tonight when I went to rinse the shampoo out of his hair (back to the pool issue, maybe?).  Craig and I split the day today and Jacob specifically requested multiple times that I sit on the couch with him.  He only napped about an hour, but fell asleep again on the couch for 30-45 minutes a couple hours later.  Craig was concerned about his breathing tonight--we're both a little scarred by the whole pneumonia debacle we went through in January--so we gave him a dose of albuterol before bed, just in case.  He's definitely not himself, though he does have moments where he's desperate to go outside and play sports.  It's just sad to see him so pathetic at times.

The good news is that he has his four-year well visit tomorrow morning, so hopefully we can get him checked out.  My major talking points tomorrow are:

1) Night potty training - He's not even close, and I'm not sure what to do about it.  Just let him keep going in his diaper?  Put undies under the diaper so he feels the wetness?  Wake him up at 11pm and have him go again?  At this point I'm wondering if there might be other issues at hand.  He's a good sleeper, but perhaps too good to wake up.  I've also heard people swear by tonsil removal, though I'm not sure if that has to do with changes in breathing impacting sleep patterns, or some sort of infection-related body response.  It's worth asking.  I can count the number of dry nights he's ever had on one hand, and most mornings his diaper weighs a ton.  He's nearly four and I don't want him to be the kid that wets the bed at the sleepover, you know?  I did buy him a special clock that tells him when it's time to get up, so I may start using that and take the doorknob safety thing off of his door and see if he can handle the responsibility of an open door all night, if only to encourage him to use the potty.  Speaking of which, I think I'm about ready to move the potty out of the bathroom and get him using the toilet full time.  I can't say I'm ready to have him standing up full time, but perhaps we can practice at bedtime or something.  Ugh.

2) Low pulse-ox - This is where the doctor is going to think I'm nuts, but perhaps his current illness may help my case.  So, I read this story on a blog about a baby that died suddenly at only a few days old because it had a heart defect.  The mother is now crusading to make pulse ox checks on babies mandatory, because it can catch heart defects that restrict good oxygen flow.  In theory it would have saved her baby.  Now, Jacob probably could have used one of those as well, judging by the fact that a few hours after he was born a nurse whisked him away when she noticed his breathing was off.  The diagnosis then was fluid in his lungs, and I have absolutely no reason to doubt that. the years that have followed, we've noticed an odd trend.  Seemingly every time we've gone to a doctor and they've done a pulse ox check on him, they've had a heck of a time getting a good reading.  They always blame it on something, but it's happened so frequently that part of me wonders if it's not a coincidence.  Then, back in January when he puked and was diagnosed with strep and pneumonia all in the same week, he and Craig were at the doctor's office for hours because his pulse ox didn't come up to where they expected it would despite numerous breathing treatments.  I know he was sick, but the fact that his body didn't respond like they thought it would makes me wonder if there isn't something else happening here.  Maybe we're just more nervous now, but the fact that this illness appears to have made him similarly lethargic is weighing on our minds.  Anyway, knowing that Jacob has a long life of sports ahead of him, I want to make for darn sure that there's no way that his pulse ox problems could be related to any sort of heart defect.  So many kids die of undetected defects while playing sports, and the fact that this could be our only hint makes me think it's wise to ask.  They'll think I'm one of those crazy moms who Googles every illness, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I'm also very interested to see where he is on the growth curve, because he's really outgrowing his 4T clothes quickly! 

In other news, I got some positive news on the baby-making front today.  Nothing to officially report, but my body seems responsive to some of the treatment, so it at least sets the stage for possible success.  There's some other stuff that plays into it, of course--timing, luck, another treatment, GOD--but if nothing else this was a good sign.  Even if it doesn't work this time around, it makes me less fearful of having to do it again because everything seems to be working right so far.  On a related note, I find the experience of going to a fertility doctor a little odd.  It's just weird to know that everyone is there for a reason, though you don't know what level of reason--slight dysfunction like me, major problems, already pregnant with a high-risk pregnancy--there's just no way of knowing.  And that's fine, of course, because it's none of anyone's business, but it's weird knowing that everyone there shares some form of the same problem, but you don't know to what degree you may have that problem in common so there's no comfortable way to be social in the waiting room or anything like that.  It's fine, and thankfully not life-threatening or anything awful like that, but it's just different.

Anyway, wish us luck all around :)  Just hoping for Jacob's sake that he's better soon... 

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