Friday, June 15, 2012

Well Visit

Well, today's well visit was...interesting.  Some of it was expected.  The doctor said that the night potty training isn't a big deal, and that it's normal through age 6.  The thought of 2-3 more years of full, wet diapers isn't ideal...but perhaps we'll have a breakthrough one of these days.  Jacob's in the 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight, so that was good to hear. 

He was such a good boy for the hearing test, which was a new element to the well visit this time.  They put something in his ear and he had to say beep every time he heard it beep.  He seemed to think it was a game and he did great!  I could answer almost all of the skill questions about him positively, except for pedaling a bike, which is a skill he's still not entirely mastered.  He's too busy doing soccer drop kicks and shooting hoops to perfect that, I guess.

One of the surprises of the visit was his vision.  For a preschooler, they use symbols on an eye chart instead of letters.  He showed that he knew all of the symbols and did well telling us what they were down the first couple of rows.  But then when it got down to smaller ones, the 8-10 foot distance seemed to be too much.  He said he couldn't see them.  He said it with a smirk on his face, so I wonder if he thought he was being cute by not being able to see them.  After all, he's the kid that can pick out the tiniest sports ball on a cereal box halfway down the aisle in the grocery store.  His eyes were different, too, which made the nurse wonder what might be happening.  Regardless, they recommended we get him checked.  If he need glasses I'm going to be pretty cranky about all the DHA supplements I took during my pregnancy.  That stuff wasn't cheap!

The other issue was the one I mentioned last night.  I prefaced my question but saying that I didn't want to sound like the crazy mom who believes everything she sees on the internet, but explained my concerns to the doctor about Jacob's oxygen level.  I explained how it kept happening when we went to pulmonary appointments, and how his level never got high enough when he got his breathing treatments for pneumonia.  I told her the story about the blog recounting the baby that died, and said that I didn't want Jacob to be one of those kids who plays sports and drops dead far too young from an undetected heart problem.  She went off to get a portable pulse oximeter and said that even though he's all congested from the virus he had the last couple days (fever was gone this morning), his lungs were clear so there was no reason it should be low.  My heart sunk a little bit when it struggled to get up to 96-97, but at the same time, it was a validation that I wasn't entirely nuts. 

She agreed that it's a bit odd, and while she wasn't particularly concerned based on all she could hear, she said it made sense to get it checked out, if nothing else so we're not worrying about it.  So, we get to add another "-ologist" to Jacob's resume--pulmonologist, dermatologist, and now cardiologist.  For a seemingly normal, healthy kid, he's sure had to go to a lot of doctors.  I got a little emotional on my way into work thinking about all he's had to go through.  It doesn't seem fair, but then again, he didn't have to get tubes, doesn't need his tonsils out, and he's completely able bodied.  He can run, play sports, and has had a relatively normal childhood.  He doesn't have cancer.  He's a smart little boy.  So I know he's so lucky.  But it stinks.  And God help us if they find anything.  The thought of my baby having to get heart surgery...I can't even fathom.  It's better than the grim alternative, but it's definitely a scary road to walk down nonetheless.  In the end, I was so grateful that his doctor was willing to listen to my crazy theory, and thankful that she was willing to give us a chance to explore it further.  The fact that it's even gotten to this point at least makes me feel like I'm not totally nuts, but one way or another I just want to know why it might be happening. 

Anyway, it was an interesting trip and we're left with more than usual to look into.  It's hard to believe how far we've come from that first new baby visit nearly four years ago.  It's truly amazing and I look forward to officially celebrating four years of Jacob in the coming week.  My goal in the meantime is making sure that we have him around and healthy for many, many more years to come.

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