Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in Review

It's been a pretty busy week, but I think I can say that we're finally starting to settle into our house and have a little time to enjoy it. Last Friday night I stayed up late to clean up the house. I was tired of looking at the same boxes that I wasn't sure what to do with, and tired of seeing so many things looking so undone. And since we were having some company on Saturday, I decided to just do as much as possible...until I was too tired to keep going. And I must say, it went well. I got a lot done. As a result, the house was looking pretty decent by Saturday when company came. First it was my parents, and then we had a visit from the Dohertys and McDonoughs. The Dohertys are long time friends of my parents, and their daughter Laurie had a little boy, Colin, a couple months after Jacob was born. You may remember back to previous visits that I've reported on (see here, here, and here), and it's been fun to watch the boys grow up as we've had these visits. This visit was no exception, even if the boys still aren't quite at the point where they want to play with one another. There was a little more interaction this time, but a lot of that was stealing balls back and forth...though no one freaked out too much so I guess that was good! Here's a picture of the four of us on the stairs...look at those big boys! Too bad mine wouldn't smile!

After a little convincing from Mommy and Grandma, though, the smile came out!

At the end of the visit, Colin gave Jacob a very nice hug! Jacob doesn't look so sure, but it was a very cute moment!

And as you can see, Jacob was back to his crazy (and hockey-crazed) self shortly thereafter...
A side note about that hockey stick...I bought that stick way back in my prime hockey days when I was a teenager. That stick followed me to college and off to my first two apartments before ending up put away for quite a few years. When we moved we ended up with a bag full of pennants, posters and a handful of ministicks, which Jacob was obsessed with once he saw it. He's been allowed to play with a couple, including my beloved Sabres stick. I never would have imagined back when I bought it that my first-born child would be playing with it all these years later. There are a lot of things that Craig and I own that fall (or will fall) into that category...stuff that we bought because we liked it that will now have another life with Jacob. Funny how that works.
On Tuesday Craig had his big "Tip a Knighthawk" fundraiser at a local restaurant, Bugaboo Creek. It's been there for the last three or four years and been quite successful. This was Jacob's first time there--one of us was sick last year--and he had quite the time. He was really into watching the video games that were set up in the one corner, and was giving everyone a good laugh running around with his lacrosse stick. And then R. Thunder showed up. R. Thunder is a joint mascot of the Amerks and Knighthawks, and Jacob loves him. One time at a Build-A-Bear event that Craig set up, Jacob was leading R. Thunder around the store by hand. Poor mascot. And once again, Jacob was monopolizing him a bit. Here he his showing off his lacrosse moves...
And here he is with a big smile!

After this we had the great potty adventure. And no, no end to that story yet. I'll keep you posted.
Remember when I mentioned our trip to the dollar store earlier in the week? Last night I finally got to put up the stuff we bought. And here's the result...

I'm pretty happy with it and Jacob seems to like it too--both the variety of sports equipment and my rendition of the alphabet song while pointing to each letter. We'll see how long it lasts!
Not too many plans this weekend since Craig is traveling again, but we do have Jacob's first friend birthday party (his first little girlfriend from his old daycare) and I hope to hit up the zoo to enjoy the nice weather, too. Hopefully we can fit a nap in there and all will go well. Oh, and hopefully we can fit in a haircut somewhere...Jacob is looking shaggy! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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