Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nine Years

Nine years ago today, Craig and I got married.  It's hard to believe we're just one year shy of ten, because that seems like a really long time.  We're not that old, are we?  Nine sounds pretty substantial, particularly in light of some marriages we've seen that ended much sooner than that.  We have a long way to go to match our parents' high standards--my parents are over 41 years, and we're celebrating Craig's parents' 40th this weekend--but we're well on our way. 

Part of me feels like we were much different people when we got married.  And most likely, we were.  I was very young (not even 25) and Craig was 30.  We'd only been together for two years, and Jacob was still five years into the future.  Parenthood changes things a lot, because you have to work together in a way you never have before, and it challenges your very identity.  Hobbies and interests take a hit because you're so busy taking care of a helpless little human, and suddenly you have moments where you're not sure who you are anymore.  If you can get through that intact, you're got something special, no doubt.

Our wedding day was an amazing day.  Gorgeous weather, no problems, surrounded by friends and family, and me wearing the most gorgeous dress I'll probably ever wear.  Back then I wouldn't have changed a thing.  Now I look back and there's probably a handful of things I'd do differently, but I know that at the time, it was nearly perfection in my eyes.  Hindsight is 20/20 and in some cases I just didn't know any better, but was an amazing day.  It almost seems like another lifetime, though. 

Since I've never done this before on this blog (at least, I don't think so!), here's a rundown of the day:

Me and the girls--my two best friends from college, my sister-in-law, my cousin, my oldest friend, and Craig's cousin as our flower girl--she's in college now!

The boys on the church playground--Craig's roommate at the time, our co-worker, Craig's brother, my brother, and Craig's friend from college, along with Craig's cousin as our ring bearer.  He's in high school now.  We're officially old.

Me peeking around the corner at the church, waiting for my moment!  I was nervous about the ceremony but totally at peace with the commitment I was about to make
One of my favorite pictures of the day...

Toasting at the head table...this is the picture I have at my desk.  Oh, and I loved the flowers.  So pretty.

Dancing...which we didn't do nearly enough of!  Between visiting with people and whatever else, the night went too fast!

Our was so pretty.  You can't really tell here, but in the "gazebo" is a little figurine of Charlie Brown and Peggy Jean, depicting their first kiss.  It was so cute and perfect that we couldn't pass it up.  The cake tasted amazing, too, both on our wedding day and on our first anniversary!

Gotta love Polish traditions!  This one included a crazy hat and a song.  Definitely a new one for my side of the family, but Craig's older relatives were old pros!
The day went so fast and before we knew it, it was over.  We spent the night at a hotel, where we promptly fell asleep while trying to enjoy a few minutes in the in-room jacuzzi tub.  We probably would have gotten in there sooner if it didn't take me so long to take the 80 bobby pins out of my hair!  We got to spend some time with some family the next day at a reunion, then took off the day after for our honeymoon.  Hopefully one of these days I'll dig into the archives and pull out some honeymoon pics!  I know I have a few scanned, at least, but they're saved on our other computer.  Our honeymoon was fantastic.  Absolutely heavenly.  Other than getting stuck in Chicago on the way back.  Nothing like an extra day stuck in oh-so-scenic airports.  Ugh.  But there's no doubt the first week of our marriage was fun and eventful.  And the last nine years have followed suit!  We've come a long way.  We're still happily married, but that doesn't stop me from wishing we could recapture a little of the whimsy and magic that were so plentiful on day 1.  Moments like that are hard to come by all these years later--it's more of an even keel--but I'd love to transport back just for a few minutes and remember all of the emotions that made that day so amazing. 

Nine years later we spent our evening at a Japanese hibachi restaurant and used a Groupon to give Jacob his first hibachi experience.  It was a bit of a risk, for many reasons.  Taking Jacob out is always a risk, and this would be new food for him.  We'd never been to the place before, and the reviews were iffy, generally because of the place itself, not really the food.  But I love hibachi and the Groupon was a good chance to try it out for cheap.  In the end the place was a little dated (I felt like we were in a weird, low-budget movie), but Jacob liked the show and even ate some food, and it wasn't a half bad night overall.  It's a far cry from the biggest party ever with all the people we love, but hanging out with our little boy while he made our fellow diners and chef laugh...well, that was pretty priceless, too. 

Happy Anniversary to Craig...and here's to many more!

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