Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

- So remember in my last post where I mentioned that Jacob is spelling out things?  We were at Lowe's tonight waiting to pick up an online order I placed (the mulch I needed was on sale through Monday but it was rainy that night so I just ordered it online and picked it up today), and Jacob was reading off signs like crazy.  I couldn't help but wonder if the clerk was impressed as he listened to a not-even-four-year-old read off all of the letters on multiple signs.  I thought it was pretty impressive.

- Bedtime prayers have been interesting.  He's been a little less forthcoming and focused in the past week or so, but we've been working on refining his content a bit so it's more in line with bedtime.  Even though it takes a little prodding and there's often some conversation in the middle of it, Jacob's series of thank yous (which is really all the prayers are right now--good habit to get him into, right?) are quite entertaining.  Sometimes he thanks God for all of the things in his room, right down to the curtains, table, and clock.  Sometimes he thanks God for body parts.  Tonight it was hair, noses, and eyes.  He's thankful for his animals, sports, and sometimes for Mommy and Daddy.  He thanks Jesus for dying and rising.  And tonight, he was thankful for robots.  Nope, no idea.  It's a funny little insight into his world on any given day, though.  I definitely look forward to it each night.  We'll continue to improve his technique, but I think it's awesome right now.

- Interesting doings at daycare this week...they're working on Mother's Day gifts, have a field trip tomorrow, and there's a Mother's Day event on Friday.  Jacob got all upset today when I talked about getting Mother's Day cards at the store, because he wants to give me one from daycare.  Of course, I explained to him that I was getting cards for other people, not myself.  Must be one heck of a card he's making!  Tomorrow he's got a field trip to a typical kid place with climbing strcutures, bounce houses, etc.  He got a bit of a bruised eye today on the playground, so let's hope it doesn't get any worse tomorrow!  Now that he's a little braver, those things make me a little more nervous!  Friday they're having a Mother's Day ice cream social, and I'm leaving work a little early to get there on time.  I'm looking forward to it!  Now that Jacob is older, I don't want to skip events like that, because he's well aware that other kids' parents come and I think he'd be disappointed if we didn't.  Happy to do it, though. 

- It's a busy week in general since Craig was at Knighthawks' practice in Canada tonight and he's off to Toronto Friday for a playoff game on Saturday.  We'll probably spend most of the weekend in Buffalo.  I was tempted to take the free bus up to Toronto for the game (provided by the team owner), but the thought of being stuck on a bus with Jacob for hours didn't sound so appealing.  Our DVD player doesn't hold a charge, so without an outlet we wouldn't have that.  I think my computer would only last so long with a movie loaded on it, and the thought of being stuck at the border for any reason (there are supposed to be seven busloads!) is downright scary.  Someday I'll have the guts to do it, but for now I'd probably rather drive myself (in theory).  Would have been a fun adventure, though, if all went well.

- As I type I'm watching The Hub, a cable channel that shows a lot of classic TV shows, and the old Batman show came on.  Jacob spent a good chunk of time obsessed with this show--to the extent that we have about 10 episodes on the DVR just in case--though lately he hasn't asked to watch them nearly as often.  His favorite episode, however, is the first one featuring Batgirl.  Penguin kidnaps Barbara Gordon, the police commissioner's daughter, and later it's revealed to the audience that she's Batgirl.  I was interested to see which episode came on tonight, just for a change of pace from the ones we have recorded.  But when it started, it sounded all too familiar.  Sure enough, it's the same exact episode we've already seen a few dozen times.  What are the odds?!

- Still dealing with a lot of listening/focus problems interspersed with moments where he's the coolest kid ever.  It's so frustrating having to ask him to do things multiple times and either have him ignore us or start to do something only to get distracted by the littlest thing.  I can't tell you how many times I need to tell him to get dressed or get up from the potty when he's done.  There are times I wonder if there's a bigger issue at play here--be it ADD or hearing problems--but I feel like he has enough moments where he's such an awesome kid that I'm just not convinced that those things could be an issue.  If he'd just listen even 60% of the time, our lives would be exponentially easier.

- Not much to report on the baby-making front.  We're still on a break, though we're getting ever closer to being past the Florida window we were avoiding.  I have made an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist just to investigate some things and check out our options--none of which I'm probably going to be excited about.  There are times lately where I feel like we're so nicely settled into life with a preschooler that I can't imagine going back to sleepless nights and all of the hard stuff we've already been through.  But then I see a baby or hear about a pregnant friend or think about Jacob with a sibling and there's nothing in the world I want more.  I'm getting a little intimidated by the thought of going through it all with an active child and potentially five years older than I was the last time, but I know it's just something I want to do.  Now if we could just get the show on the road...

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