Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Randomness

Have I mentioned that Jacob is growing like a weed?  I've pretty much taken to buying him 5T or Boys XS these days--though pants are still a crapshoot because he's tall and skinny.  Shorts are probably going to be 4Ts still, since they run long and his waist is tiny.  But everything else, as long as the waists are adjustable or the body isn't too wide, is at least 5T now.  Where did my baby go?  I can't even fathom that I'm almost to the point of passing by the baby section altogether!  It was a big switch when we were out of the tiny baby stuff, and now we're almost out of the baby stuff completely.  I can't even believe it. 

Jacob took a beating this week.  Wednesday I got a call in the afternoon that he he gotten kicked in the face while in a playground tunnel.  He had a little mark on the side of his nose near his eye.  That pretty much faded by the next morning, though.  Thursday I got a call that he bonked heads with another kid and had some pretty sizable marks.  Sure enough, he had a big mark on his forehead and a smaller mark under his nose.  The big mark faded overnight, but the mark under his nose has gotten progressively worse--to a dark red to scabbing over and crusty.  It's pretty nasty looking but it looks like it might be changing rapidly enough to heal relatively quickly.  It's just a challenge to get him to keep his hands off it!

Friday afternoon I left work early and went to Jacob's daycare for a Mother's Day Ice Cream Social.  It was pretty low key--just vanilla ice cream and sprinkles--and only a handful of other moms came, but it was nice nonetheless.  Jacob saw one of his friends using his mom's camera, and Jacob asked to use mine.  Given that we were sitting at a table I figured we were fairly safe and I coached him through it.  This was the first one he took.  Unfortunately they got worse from here, but...
Not a bad picture of me, actually :)
He also got to give me his Mother's Day gift:
In case it's hard to see, there's a little clay pot with colored tissue paper "soil", a pipe cleaner stem, and a handprint flower.  The bag had a nice handprint poem on it.  Jacob laughed when I made the hand wave.
 I tried to get him to pose with it, but it didn't go well.  This was probably the best I got...

Tonight was a big night--the Knighthawks won their second round playoff game, against all odds, and are headed to the NLL Finals next weekend!  They hadn't beat Toronto in years, and had never won in Toronto in the playoffs, yet they beat them tonight.  Part of me wishes I had gone, but I know that it would have been too complicated to take Jacob and going without him would have been tough, too.  When I do stuff like that I always feel a little like an irresponsible parent.  Still, the championship game is a different story--I already priced out a flight to Minnesota, but as of now it's a little too expensive, particularly considering I had the trip of a lifetime the last time they were in the finals.  Of course, if the team that's winning the other semifinal game right now (12-2!) continues to win, the game will be in Rochester!  Good news, bad news, I guess--a home game against a hot team.  It's been a long time since the Knighthawks were in this situation (their championship win was five years ago today), so it's exciting, but it's going to make me a bundle of nerves and Craig a ball of stress for the next week.  The opportunity to win is always awesome, though!  Perhaps now that I don't work there and we've actually won one that I was present for, my perspective will be a little different.  I can always say I've seen them win, and it was amazing. 

Since it was five years ago today, here's a sampling of some of my favorite shots from the trip, the infamous "best $450 I ever spent": 

Outside the hotel in Phoenix--quite the sight to see for a Rochesterian in the middle of May!  It was in the 90s when we were there!

Some of the cool foliage outside the hotel...saw a cactus later, too!

The boys raising the Cup on the turf.  It was amazing to be down there.  Of course, most of my pics from those first few minutes were blurry because a) everyone was moving a lot; and b) my hands were shaking so bad from nerves and excitement!

Craig rushed down to the turf as soon as he could.  I love this picture and it's still the first picture on the memory card in our old camera, the one Craig now carts around with him.

In the locker room after the game.  After watching years of Stanley Cup celebrations on TV, it was surreal to be in there.  Lots of champagne and beer all over that room, let me tell you.

Craig and me outside the locker room...I never did drink out of the Cup (felt weird since I wasn't an employee), but it felt great to hold it knowing Craig was finally getting his ring.
One of the best players in the world, John Grant, sitting poolside with the trophy.  The mere fact we could sit poolside with the trophy still blows my mind.  The weather was perfect, and everyone was so happy.  It was such an amazing feeling to be there.

I'm the farthest thing from a Captain Morgan drinker, but this is proof of just how much fun we were having that day.  It just seemed like a good photo op...and yes, I was a little tipsy, but sober enough to know it was silly.

My favorite Knighthawk of all time, Pat O'Toole--and a guy I was beyond happy to see win.  He'd suffered through enough tough losses as a Knighthawk that this one was well-deserved.

The next morning in the hotel lobby.  Everyone was eating breakfast and waiting for the bus to the airport, and I found the scene of this random but coveted trophy sitting among the bags to be quite comical.  The fact it was coming home with us (well, them...I was on a separate flight) was still unbelievable. 
Thanks for indulging me.  I recently admitted on Facebook that that weekend beats out my wedding day and the day Jacob was born as the most amazing experience of my life.  My wedding was awesome and I wouldn't change a thing (well, maybe a couple things), but it was one great day in the midst of a long life together.  Jacob's arrival was life-changing, of course, but the pain and stress surrounding that event didn't make it particularly enjoyable.  Special, yes...enjoyable, not really.  The championship weekend involved such unique circumstances--a last-minute decision, my first solo plane ride, a trip to an exotic place (well, compared to here), and a long-awaited celebration of a lifetime--that it's tough to top.  And five years ago right now, I was in the midst of it.  Wow.  Let's hope we can add another happy chapter to that one next weekend...

And before I forget, Happy Mother's Day to the other mamas out there!  Hope you have the wonderful day you deserve, for all that you do all year long!

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