Sunday, May 6, 2012

Current Obsessions

Jacob is currently has a couple things that he is totally obsessed with--spelling and time.  I guess those are good things to care about since they're both foundations of our existence, but apparently even really intelligent, useful obsessions have a tendency to wear on you after a while. 

He's gotten to be pretty good with his letters these days, and he's constantly reading off letters one by one, of many words he sees.  It sounds pretty impressive for a three year old, but I know he's still not fully understanding that those letters make up words.  I mean, he knows that they're words because he asks what they spell, but he has no concept of how the letters actually form words or how the words form sentences with meaning.  Sometimes he knows which sounds make which letters, but it's still a bit of a work in progress.  He also has a tendency to to read from right to left, so if he's pointing to letters as he says them, he'll start with the last letter of the word.  We're working on that.  He can spell his name now, and he took great delight in sitting with me the other night and typing letters on my computer.  He randomly typed, and then we spelled his friends' names.  He loved it and has asked numerous times to do it again.  He's working on writing letters at daycare, but I haven't really asked him to show us his skills too much.  I probably should do it more to make sure he's practicing, but it's not always easy to remember.

Another obsession is time.  He is constantly asking when things happened or when they're from.  Music, TV shows, movies, pictures, events..."When was that, Mommy?  Was that a long, long time ago?"  It's not easy to explain time to him, but he's now aware of the various decades that have existed for most of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Again, he has no concept of what that actually means, but it's funny to hear a little kid refer to "the eighties".  He seems fascinated by the idea of things being assigned to a certain time period, but I haven't quite figured out why.  Just trying to figure out his world, I guess! 

We get interrogated with questions associated with these types of issues all day, every day.  I'm seriously ready to go buy one of those clicker things that people use at low budget events to count attendees, to keep with me all day and count his questions.  Some days they don't seem to end.  I'm finding it hard to keep my patience at times because I can't think straight with the constant barrage.  I don't want him to lose his curiosity, but holy cow--I need a break sometimes so badly that I directly ask him to stop asking questions.  It's pretty crazy.   I guess it's good that he wants to learn about his world and actually acknowledges that things even existed prior to his birth.  Hopefully years down the road he'll put it all to good use, be it in school or some random pop culture trivia game.  But man, it's exhausting trying to get there one question at a time.

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