Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day, Take 4

I can't believe it's taken me half the week to blog about Mother's Day.  Apparently it's been one of those weeks.  Craig's been busy preparing for the Knighthawks' championship game Saturday and the home opener Friday morning for the summer team he works for, the Hamilton Nationals.  In fact, he's at Knighthawks practice in Canada tonight and might be in Buffalo tomorrow night so he's got a short trip to Hamilton Friday morning.  Monday night I worked out and came home to playing catch-up after a weekend away.  Last night Craig mowed the lawn and I did some yardwork, along with more catching up after Jacob was in bed.  Tonight Jacob and I went grocery shopping, ate dinner, and shortly thereafter it was bedtime.  I was working on a couple little projects tonight before finally sitting down, and I need to blog quickly because I need to go to bed at a reasonable time.  I'm extra tired today.  Yawning has been downright painful.

Anyway, we had a good weekend.  Jacob and I headed to Buffalo on Friday night and spent all day Saturday with my parents.  I got to go for a run while Jacob wore my parents out playing a variety of sports in the yard.  He was totally cracking us up with his refereeing (he's got the moves down pat) and designating me as a cheerleader and requesting my presence to dance during halftime.  While he napped I went out shopping (finally got a pair of Nikes at the outlet in time to break them in before my race later this month), and when I got back he was down playing with a little girl down the street.  After that we went out for dinner and some shopping.  Jacob commandeered the free smoothie we got and gleefully had a sip of the mocha one we got, as well.  He always pretends he's drinking coffee, so why not give him a taste of the real stuff? 

As I mentioned in Saturday's post, the Knighthawks won in Toronto to win a spot in the NLL Finals.  Craig didn't get back to my parents' house until 2am, and prior to that I had a heck of a time sleeping.  I don't think I fell asleep until 3am, and then had a few minor wakeups--enough to really mess up my sleeping in time for a really busy day.  We headed off to church first thing, and while we were waiting for church to start, I pulled out the camera to capture Jacob looking extra handsome...aside from that nasty scab under his nose...
Big boy!
Then I took a picture of Jacob and Grandma...
Yay for a good smile!
Jacob begged to use my camera again, so I let him try to take a picture of my mom and me.  It's a little blurry again, but this was the best shot of both of us...

Church was only notable because I ended up participating.  During the children's message, the woman doing it called out some moms asking if they would still love their kids if they did any number of naughty, awful know, ransacking the house or running off with coyotes.  And even though we're not there a lot--though she knows who we are, mostly because we visit her office every time we're there to say hi to her doggie, who she brings with her each week--she called out to me ("Jacob's mommy") to ask me if I would still love Jacob if he did some terrible things.  Of course I said yes, though she detected a bit of a laugh in my response.  In retrospect I would have noted that those things would make me extra sad because I love him so much...but alas, not that quick of a thinker.  Totally caught off-guard since I certainly wasn't expecting to participate!

After church we packed up and headed out to Craig's family's celebration, with a detour to Wegmans to pick up a bunch of fruit, some corn, and some flowers.  We had a fantastic meal and some good quality time with his family, though Jacob refused (yet again) to go in the pool (where most of his cousins spent most of their day).  Someday we'll get him in, but it's going to be quite the undertaking.  We need to force him, though, because he needs to learn to swim and enjoy our pool.  Near the end of the day he grabbed his lacrosse stuff to play with his big cousin Walt. 

Always on the run!

This picture cracked me up because Walt and Jacob are doing a faceoff, and little cousin Jackie was standing there like the referee, even though she had no idea that was the role she was playing.

Handsome little man.  That boy made me a mommy.
There was a possibility of heading back to NT that evening to treat my mom to Mother's Day ice cream (carrying on a bit of a tradition she had with her mom), but I knew it was possible that between a big meal and a long day, it might not make sense to go all the way back.  Sure enough, it didn't seem like a good idea.  I felt bad but she understood (and undoubtedly would rather know I'm driving home safely than risking being overtired), and I will make it up to her another time.  Because Craig had to drive to Toronto separately, we ended up having two cars heading back home that night.  I ate a ton and was working on very little sleep, so the drive home was a tough one.  I was very happy to be home, for sure.  And as I indicated, I've been playing catch-up ever since I walked in the door.

Overall, Mother's Day was busy but good, full but generally unremarkable.  We had a busy day full of food and family, but there wasn't really anything of note to make it extra special for me specifically--at least not along the lines of the usual Mother's Day pamperings.  As I've said before, we defer to our mothers at this point.  Someday perhaps it will be "my" day, but I'm not rushing it as I'm glad we have two moms to celebrate ourselves.  But it was a perfectly fine day, just not one that did any favors for my sleep deficit.  Speaking of to bed I go, far too late, again.

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