Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Miscellany

- It never fails...I post something about how awesome Jacob is, and he responds by being a giant pain.  I know I probably sound like I'm repeating myself, but boy, are we ever having a tough time with him these days.  I can't even describe how frustrating it has been, because he pushes back on everything.  He's all about testing us and trying to be funny.  And, of course, he's not funny.  We have to tell him a dozen times to do anything, he messes around when he shouldn't (which usually means he hurts himself or makes a mess), he battles us on wearing clothes or eating food or anything else.  A couple examples from today: Jacob and Craig were playing basketball in the driveway, and at one point Jacob just rolled the ball under Craig's car on purpose, saying he was "bowling".  Once in a while Jacob starts to lean on our La-Z-Boy and rock it very hard, to the point it hits the wall.  Today he started doing it (again) and (again) Craig told him to stop.  He purposely rocked it twice more, at which point Craig gave him a whack on the butt because he purposely defied him.  We've had to plop him in his room multiple times this weekend because he gets out of control, usually over nothing.  He whines and cries over the littlest things, insists on wearing pants, sleeves, and high socks out into 80-degree weather, and threw a couple minor potty accidents into the mix today.  He talks back, purposely talks potty talk (be it poop, boobies, boogers, etc.), and says nasty things.  His behavior has been so bad that we haven't done many of the fun activity options we had for the weekend.  We're not even sure how to discipline him at this point.  He doesn't really respond to much, so we're almost at the point of needing to do something drastic--like take away his herd of stuffed animals or keep him inside all day.  I'm trying to be consistent, but it's so hard to not get emotional and generally caught up in the craziness.  We're just sort of stumped about why he's acting this way and how to stop it. 

- I'm pretty sure Jacob nearly skipped right over a size of clothing.  For years he was pretty much right on with his clothing sizes (2T at age 2, for example), but over the past year or so, he's shifted.  He wore 4Ts all winter, and his pants even started getting short by the end of the winter.  His waist is still tiny, but given an adjustable waist band, he needs the length of bigger sizes.  Now I'm buying a lot of 5T stuff for him, or even venturing into the boys' section and picking up XS sizes there.  It boggles my mind a little bit to be nearly done with the baby section.  I'm feeling like his wardrobe is a little limited right now because we can't reuse as many of his summer clothes from last year as usual (short sleeves and shorts are godsends for a gangly kid), but his birthday is coming so I'm trying to make do for now. 

- I won a prize from a blog on!  Every once in a while I enter drawings on blogs, usually ones that just involve leaving a random comment.  Well, the other day I was notified that I won a MegaBloks prize package!  Of all the ones I could win, that one wasn't the most exciting, but it was still pretty cool.  And it was a fun bonus yesterday to see the FedEx truck dropping it off.  Inside was $50 worth of MegaBloks products.  There's a small bus toy similar to one Jacob already has, a larger dump truck toy, and a big bag of blocks.  I haven't quite decided what to do with them yet.  I think Jacob is going to get the blocks because he's really enjoyed building structures with the big set he got for his birthday last year, but sometimes he's seemed to run out of blocks.  The other two are within his age range but I'm not sure either of them are toys he'd typically play with, and he's got enough toys already (including one similar one), so I'll probably keep them as gifts or something.  Still, it was fun to win.

- We need to get him in the pool at some point soon, so I'm in the market for a good flotation device.  He's outgrown his full suit with built-in floats, so I just put out a request on Facebook for suggestions.  I'd like to get some real-life answers beyond Amazon reviews.  Jacob mostly just likes to play sports instead of swim, but considering we have this pool and I assume some day he will love it, now is the time to start pushing a little before he's "that kid" who can't swim at his friends' pool parties.  Now that we have this pool, it's a little more motivation to take any future babies to swim class right off the bat.  I'd rather not fight these battles again!

Anyway...we've had a pretty low key weekend.  Four days off is a glorious thing.  Craig and I were off on Friday for a date day--we went to see the lacrosse movie "Crooked Arrows" and enjoyed lunch together.  We went to a family picnic here yesterday, and otherwise I've been working on the yard quite a bit--killing weeds, trimming, pruning bushes, and hopefully planting a little garden.  Craig finally seems to have conquered our lawn and gotten it to a good length to maintain.  We installed the pool steps today and I braved the cool (but pleasant) water to vacuum it finally.  We haven't done the zoo or mini-golf like we expected to, thanks to Jacob's behavior.  Maybe tomorrow.  There's always tomorrow...

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