Friday, September 9, 2011

Mom Bag

For a while now I've been looking for a "Mom Bag".  Yes, I walk around with the diaper bag whenever I'm with Jacob, but we don't use the diaper bag contents that much anymore...just wipes, maybe a pull-up now and then.  So instead of dragging it around and putting the contents of my purse in and out of it all the time, I wanted to get a bigger purse that I could rely on most of the time instead.  The diaper bag will still get use for longer outings and weekends, but when we're running out to the store or to dinner, the purse seems sufficient. 

The issue, however, is that I've had a small purse forever.  I've never had a giant one like I see most people carrying, whether they're trendy designer bags or the "Mom jeans" equivalent of the handbag world.  In fact, over the weekend when I was out shopping by myself, I felt like anyone looking at me would never guess I was a mom because I had this tiny little purse.  Here's a picture from a few years back, when my two best friends and I all had the same purse in different colors.  We all had the same little Nine West bag.  Mine is the one on the right, and it's pretty similar to my current one, just a slightly lighter color of pinkish-purple than my most recent one.     
And that's Lois in the middle...
Lately I'd been feeling sort of like the little purse betrays my wisdom and experience (ha!) as a mom, so perhaps it was time to sacrifice my shoulder to the weight of a big bag that could fit my stuff and some of Jacob's, too.  I looked around for a while, nothing crazy but keeping an eye out.  I really wanted one that had decent-sized end pockets, much like the mesh pockets on our diaper bag that usually hold Jacob's straw sippy cup.  I wanted something on the outside of the bag in case the cup leaked.  Other than that, it couldn't be super huge, but it needed to be a decent size, and either a neutral color or a fun color that could work with mutiple outfits and seasons.  I wanted it to be generally lightweight and stylish...and of course not too expensive!

During my solo weekend, I started looking a little more seriously.  I found one at Target that looked quite similar to my Nine West...much bigger but the same print in neutral colors.  It didn't have the outside pockets but it was a good size, a look I was comfortable with, and it just seemed right.  I bought it but kept looking, just in case.  I found another at Burlington Coat Factory that was a real Nine West, quite a bit bigger and slightly flashier (metallic trim).  It even had the pockets I wanted.  However, you can only return for store credit there, the bag was pretty big, and I wasn't sure the bag was quite my style.  In theory it was a better fit, but I wasn't sure it was practical for everyday use.  So, back to the Target bag...
Hard to tell the size, but it's about a foot square.  It's black with khaki in the shapes, though not as shiny as it looks...and yes, it's the exact same print as my old purse!
It's hard to do it justice, but long story short, it's a nice cross between casual and formal and it has a ton of room.  There are a lot of pockets and compartments, which is nice.  I put my stuff in it and had to laugh, because there was SO much room in it.  My stuff hardly took up any space!  Who knew my purse was that small!  Of course, now I noticed that my wallet is too small (never got a bigger one since my purse couldn't handle it) and will happily replace that as well when the next good sale pops up.  I gave the purse its first test tonight when we went to dinner.  I threw in a pull-up, a small wipes container, and two of Jacob's little toys.  Oh, and the camera.  Everything fit fine.  Extra pants and underwear should too.  And for the sippy cup scenario, I figured out that they fit in a Ziploc, so that's my plan there. 

I fought it for all this time, but I have finally graduated to the mom bag.  My time has come. 

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