Friday, September 2, 2011

Catching up on the weekend...

Amidst all the craziness with the trip, I never got around to posting pics from the weekend.  Craig was in Maryland for the championship weekend for Major League Lacrosse (his team won their first game but lost in the championship game) and I had to decide whether we were going to go to Craig's family picnic.  Part of me really wanted to stay home and relax, but we hadn't seen his family in a while so I decided to go.  In the end there weren't a ton of people that we knew (most of his family came considerably later), but we managed to keep ourselves occupied.  We played sports, snacked, and chatted with some of Craig's second (and third?) cousins.  I came prepared with a bag full of sports equipment, and we used all of it!
Drop kick!

The pure joy of getting tickled!

He was purposely trying to get stuck in the Kan Jam bucket!
Once the rest of Craig's family arrived and dinner was over, it was time for the traditional softball game.  Apparently back in the day the games were pretty competitive, but nowadays it's made up of mostly the kids.  Jacob really wanted to play.

My little catcher!
Of course, right before the game, Jacob stepped into a giant mud puddle and fell on his butt.  He was coated in mud.  I forced him to make the long walk back to the car to change, and the tough thing was that we'd been there for many hours by that point and still had to stop at my parents' quick and then head I knew we had to leave soon anyway.  Jacob had a total meltdown and was screaming about wanting to play in the game.  In the end, I relented and decided that we could go back and he could have one at bat, and then we'd have to go.  We made the long walk back and he got his at bat (a home run!  Ok, so maybe there was some sketchy fielding and suspect base running, but he DID hit it!), but then he wanted to run out and play the field.  His team was still batting, so according to baseball rules he couldn't go out there...never mind the fact that he's a little guy and there was a real ball out there (a slightly softer tee ball one, I think).  He completely flipped out again, and this time I could really tell he was overtired (only a 45 minute nap on the way there), so we headed out, kicking and screaming (literally).  In all the craziness, I accidentally left his good glove and one of his whiffle bats there, but luckily Craig's family scooped them up for us and they were reunited on this week's trip.

We made our quick stop at my parents, and fortunately Jacob fell asleep on the way home and stayed that way.  And he slept in!
We had a lazy day on Sunday, and the highlight was going out to dinner with Lori.  We went to Pizzeria Uno, and Jacob got to make his own pizza.  It's nice to have a little extra something to kill time at a restaurant!

Not much else to report, particularly in light of the last couple days.  I'm just looking forward to a few days of time to take care of the things I've been wanting to tackle for ages.  I still have some cleaning to do, and plenty of other household and bookkeeping-type things.  Let's hope I can get most of it done!

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