Friday, September 30, 2011

At least he's consistent...

Well, if there's one thing Jacob is good at, it's finding ways to ruin much-hyped activities.  From our mini golf experience to our summer vacation, the higher the expectations, the more frustrating he tends to be.  Whether that is more about him or just our disappointment talking, I'm not sure.  But it makes it hard to make plans for something fun when you have an inkling that he's going to choose that exact moment to be difficult.  On one hand, what's the point of doing fun things?  On the other hand, he's going to have to learn how to be cooperative at some point so we might as well attempt things when opportunities arise and hope for the best.

Tonight we decided to take Jacob to his first movie theater experience.  He's done the drive-in a couple times before with mixed results, but the last time was over a year ago.  Craig is a big movie person and he's been practically begging to take Jacob for months.  I wanted to be there for his first time and I refused to go when the weather was beautiful, since we have a long winter of cold, crappy weather ahead of us that needs to be filled by inside activities. 

Tonight the weather was crappy and Cars 2 was up at the cheap theater.  I'm not sure if Jacob has ever seen all of the first one (I've only seen bits and pieces), but it's more about the experience than the movie at this age.  We had to pick up McDonald's and eat on the way to make it in time, but we finally did.  He was pretty good for the first half of the movie.  He ate his popcorn (his favorite) and talked a bit, but there were a lot of kids so he fit right in.  He was a little fidgety but it was tolerable.  Then suddenly halfway through the movie he just got frustrating.  He had to go potty once, but then he was moving around in his seat, sitting on our laps momentarily, taking off his shoes and socks, turning around in his seat, and headbutting the seat.  It got to be very distracting and really annoying.  Luckily, I don't think he was particularly distracting to anyone else, and his behavior was probably pretty age-appropriate overall, but it was frustrating nonetheless. 

Why he doesn't understand that his behavior means we won't be back for a while, I'm not sure.  Apparently he can't help himself, but you'd think one of these times when he misbehaves he'll remember that it comes with consequences.  It wasn't intolerable, but it just makes me wonder (again) why we bother doing fun things.  On the bright side, the movie was cute.  And at the beginning of it, Jacob seemed to really like it.  The Toy Story short at the beginning was actually pretty awesome, and he had this big grin on his face for that.  If only that utter joy could have stayed the whole time. 

So, long story short, another "first" in the books.  One of these days it will go well and his excitement won't be tarnished by his stubborn dark side.  Someday. 

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