Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Friday

To lighten the mood a bit after my post yesterday, I figured I'd share a few random pictures from the last week. 

Here's Jacob at the birthday party we went to on Sunday...
Superstar in the making?  Or the next Elton John?

While the other kids were doing bubbles, Jacob was insisting on playing football in the house.  While the other kids were playing games, Jacob finally discovered the bubbles.  Here he is with one of those huge bubble wands.  I love seeing genuine joy on his face instead of his oh-so-frustrating cheese face...
He insisted on layering his Oregon State jersey (Christmas gift from the Portland contingent!) over his Bills track suit.  It was way too warm for that, but whatever...

Last night when I went in to check on Jacob, this is what I found:
Out cold!

He always has quite a menagerie in there with him, and I try to build them up along the sides so he still has sleeping room and won't fall out.  But apparently last night he piled them up at one end and decided they made a good pillow.  I took this picture in the dark and I don't think he even flinched.

This morning he got up and changed out of one pair of pajamas into another pair of pajamas...because today was pajama day at daycare.  He'd been begging to wear his new Batman jammies all week (got them on the trip to Delaware), but I kept telling him that I knew he'd be begging to wear them Friday, so he couldn't wear them ahead--too much risk of peeing on them in the middle of the night (yes, even with a diaper).  Finally, Friday morning arrived and on they went:
Have I mentioned that Jacob wants to be referred to as Batman now?  Yep, he's going through that phase.  He's really into the Imaginext Batman toys at daycare, and he got to watch some old Batman movies on that Delaware trip.  Craig is doing his part to encourage the interest, as well.  Not sure how I feel about that, but so far it's manageable.  He's been saying funny things lately as know, like stuff about going to the Batcave and riding in the Batcopter and stuff.  Silly boy.

In other news, Jacob's cut on his face is healing nicely.  We have an appointment with his dermatologist Monday (general follow-up from his mole removal) and I'm going to ask if we should use any sort of scar cream (Mederma) to help it along even more.  It may heal fine on its own, but I'm not sure if I want to take that chance.  I also need to ask her thoughts on tiny freckle-ish moles that he's developed in the past six months or so.  They're not nearly as menacing as the one he had removed, so I'm pretty sure they're harmless and natural (I have a ton), but if she has any indication that they might grow and/or become an issue, I'm wondering if they're still small enough to remove quickly and generally painlessly in her office (though a squirmy child could again be an issue) before they get to be big enough to leave a major scar or cause further trouble.  I worry more about the ones on his face, mostly because I've always been self-conscious of the one between my mouth and nose and would like to spare Jacob any potential angst.  We shall see.

Potty training has been a bit of a hit-or-miss proposition, and I'm not referring to his ability to stand and pee (though that is coming along a bit--though not at our house yet).  Some days he's perfect, some days he dribbles, and some days (like yesterday) he has a pretty hardcore accident that not even his plastic pants can contain.  I know you're not supposed to freak out when stuff like that happens, but I did.  It's hard not to when your fully capable child puts off going, then stands at the top of your carpeted stairs and pees, rather than using that valuable time to at least make a run for the potty.  The carpet didn't suffer much damage this time, but still, it's frustrating.  And yet...this morning one of Jacob's buddies (who finally joined him in the three-year-old room this week) and his mom walked in with a big box of diapers and I came to the realization that we're not doing too badly if I only have to send in a handful of pull-ups (one per day for use at naptime) and I'm only buying diapers once in a great while.  We use one at bedtime, one at naptime on weekends, and maybe a couple more in the event that we need to go somewhere involving no bathrooms or lengthy travel.  Not bad.  But still, it would be nice to be done.

Other than that, not much to report.  Jacob is going to his first lacrosse camp (with Craig) on Sunday, so that should be interesting.  Craig came home with Jacob's first real equipment--gloves, helmet, real(ish) stick--and I'm trying not to ask what it cost.  That stuff is going to be the least of our worries for the next 15-18 years.  It's not like he's going to get sick of lacrosse since he's already been into it for so long, but I just have to brace myself for the beginning of the onslaught of sports.  It's coming.  Tee ball registration is in a few weeks, after all.  Ugh.

Off to bed now...the weekend awaits...

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