Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trip Highlights

I asked Craig if he wanted to do a guest blog post to go with the pictures from their trip last weekend, but I think if I wait for him it might be a while!  He writes enough on a daily basis that I'm sure it's about the last thing he wants to do at home.  So instead, here are some pictures...

Jacob with a cannon at Gettysburg

Another monument at Gettysburg

Tough guy with his band-aid

Trying on a hat in the store

Playing with army guys at the rental house

Playing with his baseball guys...they're currently taking up a patch of our living room rug, too.

Playing ball by the pool

At the Delmarva Shorebirds game

With his cousins around a giant baseball after the game

Chugging water...what else is new?

This carousel seems to be more his speed than the big ones...

Cool!  Snoopy and his plane!
Overall, the boys had a good time.  Jacob was a handful, but it was good, quality time with family he doesn't get to spend a ton of time with.  They saw a lot of historical stuff and Jacob talks about the army guys quite a bit.  He told me that his favorite part was the baseball game, and he loves talking about the van ride.  His face is healing nicely now, but he may always bear a little scar from this trip, evidence of his defiant streak that provoked him to flop around on the bed and fly off into the nightstand in the middle of the night.  It's a special trip that I wasn't part of, but I guess that makes it extra special for Jacob and Craig because it's something that just they share.  And to me, my time alone was equally special.  Best of both worlds...

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