Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Downfall of Fall

Well, despite every effort to prevent it, it appears fall is once again on its way.  It's not that I don't like fall--on the contrary, I do--but it's more the disappearance of summer and the coming appearance of winter that I don't like.  So, basically, fall suffers because I like summer and dislike winter.  But fall itself is kind of fun.  I like fall decorations and the gorgeous colors of the leaves.  I like doing the pumpkin patch thing and eating pumpkin baked goods.  I love apples and apple cider, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are pretty great, too.  And weather like we've had the past week has been sky and sun, comfortable, non-humid it.  Jeans-and-flip-flops weather is one of my favorites.  And I must admit, Jacob looks pretty darn cute in his new pairs of jeans.

But today's 50 degree temps were a bit of a rude awakening.  And while this current round of cool weather isn't supposed to stick around, it was a bit of a bummer nonetheless.  I had to pull out a longer sleeved shirt and wear shoes that aren't sandals (though no socks still...whew).  We actually had to wear jackets this morning.  To be honest, the weather didn't feel as bad as I expected considering we had 80 degree temps a couple days ago, but still...I like the unencumbered nature of summer, with no jackets, minimal layering, and full access to my pretty painted toenails.  I like knowing every morning that I can dress Jacob in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and not have to worry about the weather.  I dread the day we actually have to worry about boots and hats and mittens again. 

The change in seasons means that I have to start transitioning over two closets--mine and Jacob's--and try on all of Jacob's old winter clothes to see what fits (and be sad when I see how much he's grown...and outgrown).  I also have to find a decent way to store all of his summer clothes, because I tend to not officially pack things away unless I know they won't fit him in another year.  Most of them get shelved in his closet until next spring when we have to do the process all over again.  One of my favorite things about summer is that Jacob can generally wear his clothes a little longer.  Yes, eventually his belly starts peeking out the bottom and the shorts get a little shorter, but it takes considerably longer to notice than it does with long sleeves and long pants.  And with a kid who apparently has long arms and long legs (or maybe just fast-growing legs), it's nice to have a little buffer before we have to overhaul his wardrobe.  His waist is tiny, so while shorts can last for years, some pants get too short before the waist really ever fits him.  Thank goodness for adjustable waistbands!

One of the things that's been bugging me most lately is the early sunset.  It usually bums me out quite a bit (at least until I'm at work viewing fabulous sunsets from the 16th floor), but this year it's extra annoying.  For one, Jacob hardly gets to play outside anymore.  If Craig's busy after work, Jacob and I usually rush home and right into dinner, and by the time dinner's over it's already dark.  It's hard to break the news to him that it's too dark to go out after dinner anymore, and even worse to think that his baseball playing will soon be on hold for months once the weather gets too cold.  And personally, I'm not looking forward to amusing a little boy who will certainly have cabin fever by November.  I hate not having evenings to get a little extra yard work done, and inevitably once the darkness sets in, I tend to go into hibernation mode.  When it's light in the evenings I'm eager to go out and be active--be it a bike ride or a trip to the gym, playing outside with Jacob or even going to the grocery store.  But when the darkness sets in so early, I have a hard time getting motivated...and right now, that's the last thing I need. 

There's a certain cozy comfort that comes with fall, but I'm a little sad to wave goodbye to summer because I feel like there was still so much more we should have done.  I know I will get over it and find other ways to spend our time, but even though September (and even October) can be lovely months, there's still a bit of resentment at what we're giving up.  I just need to remember the fun we always have in fall, maybe browse our old pictures and plan some activities, and hopefully I'll settle in for another ride through the cold weather and the holiday season.  And with a little luck, hopefully we'll eventually have something to get truly excited about this winter...if (once again) my body ever figures out what the heck it's doing.  Here we go again...

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