Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just the beginning...

As I mentioned on Friday, Jacob got his first real sports equipment upon Craig's arrival home.  He got a real lacrosse stick, a helmet, and the most ridiculously adorable tiny gloves.  Of course, he loves the stuff. 

He loves it enough that I've decided to use it as a bribe to get him potty trained.  He's been having a ton of accidents recently and I'm starting to think he just doesn't care.  So...if he stays dry, he can play with his stuff.  If not, it stays put away.  I've known people who have used items like that--our friend used her son's goalie mask, and my roommate's parents used a special Thundercats sword for her brother.  Worth a shot, anyway.  He may still not be quite ready physically, but we'll judge it as we go along.

Case in point, our trip to the library on Saturday.  Craig went to Buffalo to spend a day with his family, so Jacob and I spent the day together.  When he woke up from his nap, we headed out to a new library near us.  There was a book there I was dying to read, and I figured it would be nice to get some new variety in Jacob's bedtime book rotation.  We got there and Jacob amused himself on this cool computer thing (embedded in a Little Tikes desk!) while I browsed the picture book shelves for books for him.  I found six great ones rather quickly, and then Jacob and I sat down to put together some of the cool puzzles they had.  In the middle of it I noticed that he was doing a bit of a "stutter step" but when I asked him if he had to go, he said no.  Not 10 seconds later, he was like, "Mommy, I peed."  We ran across the library to the bathroom and it was a really good thing I had spare undies in my purse.  I changed him (luckily the shorts survived thanks to the plastic pants), and we checked out quick before heading off to a sorely-needed haircut for him and a couple more quick stops after that.  On the second stop he said that he had to go again, so we ran down the plaza to Wegmans.  He had had a bit of an accident again, but at that point it was either a pull-up or damp undies.  He didn't seem phased so for the five more minutes we had to be out, undies it was.  Bad, I know.  I figured maybe it would convince him that he didn't want to feel like that, but I'm a little worried he's just getting used to it now.  I guess this is the dark side of having a baby that didn't freak out despite a wet diaper.  And here I thought we caught a break with that one.  Darn.

Sunday Jacob and Craig headed out to a lacrosse camp at a local country club.  The Knighthawks put it on and although the kids were older than Jacob, Craig was encouraged to bring him.  So, off they went, which was great because it gave me a little free time--I finished up a ton of yard work and then did some running around to finish off my "Mom bag" purchase.  I decided I needed a new wallet because my old one was just too small but my purse was never big enough for a bigger one.  It took a few tries to find one I really liked that worked, but I'm happy with my purchase and it was nice to have the time to get it done.  Meanwhile...

He's looking in a ball collector thing on the driving range where the clinic was held

As usual with most much-hyped activities, Jacob had some rather frustrating moments.  He freaked out about little stuff, but he got through it.  He even happened to repeat something he learned at the clinic at one point in the last couple days.  It was a small step, but perhaps the first one in a long line of sporting endeavors.  

We were hoping to take step two in signing him up for tee-ball for next summer, but it appears he turns four a couple months too late.  There are other non-league programs we can try to do instead, but it's a bit of a shame as he's probably every bit as good as kids much older than him.  He could probably use some "teamwork" training as much as anything, so hopefully we can find a good setup for that next summer.  I must say I'm a bit relieved to have a year's reprieve on the hardcore little league stuff, particularly because I'm still hoping to be in new baby mode by then and that might have been a crazy schedule to keep.  No guarantees, of course, but it crossed my mind.

It truly is just the beginning, though...

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