Friday, October 29, 2010

The Little Things

Amidst our current frustrations with Jacob, there are times when it is hard to look at the bright side and see the silver lining. We love him, obviously, but when your child tries your patience at every opportunity, it's hard to be positive. For example, the other night I worked out, and we decided to go out and grab a quick dinner. It was late, I was tired, and while I would have cooked, it just seemed easier and quicker to go grab something. Of course, before we could get out the door, Jacob was freaking out because a) he was watching "Air Bud"; b) he wanted to bring multiple hockey sticks (not just one); and c) we tried to put on his jacket. All of this led to a major tantrum. And actually, the jacket thing leads to a tantrum pretty much every morning now. And any attempt to pull Jacob away from his hockey sticks or hockey guys is usually met with some sort of tantrum or complete denial and continuation of playing. It's not fun. Speaking of not fun, his tendency to just lay down on the floor in the middle of public places is driving me insane. He'll do it in the middle of a tantrum or when he's just happy and silly. Makes. Me. Nuts.

Anyway, once we were there he insisted on feeding himself--meaning, if we helped him by giving him a fork full of food, he refused it. But then when he had the fork himself, he'd either make a mess of the food, nearly flinging it everywhere, or he was playing with the fork. Oh, and he ended up breaking the (plastic) fork because he was chewing on it. Awesome. He was also grabbing at his hat with greasy hands, then complaining when we took it off. But then, as we were packing up to head out, he helped me push the high chair back to its spot. He just did it. It was too cute, and I made sure to praise him for it.

So, per the title of this post, I guess I'm finding myself having to grasp on to the little things he does that make my day. Such as...

- When he finally gives me a real hug or kiss when I ask him for one

- When he sits down and/or hugs me out of the blue, like yesterday when he was watching his movie and I sat on the floor with him, and he just plopped into my lap

- When he eats all of his food without incident or serious prodding

- When he falls asleep without complaint AND sleeps through the night (knock on wood, but this has been really great lately...but strangely, I'm still tired)

- When he gets his sunglasses on by himself

- When he hugs his stuffed animals or makes them do silly things like sit on my head

- When he says, "Wanna do it again"...meaning he liked something so much that he wants to do more of it. He doesn't get visibly excited by a lot of things, so when he says that, it's nice to know he enjoyed it. I also like when he tells me that he's "excited" to do something. Nice to know that he wants to do something, even if he inevitably has some sort of meltdown when we actually go to do it.

- When he puts on his pajama pants all by himself

- When I get a real, adorable smile or even his insanely cute "cheese face" when I'm trying to take pictures

- When he says or even uses a word that I didn't know he knew...he's getting to be so smart!

- When he says a word incorrectly, but gives it the cutest spin--like the other day he must have picked up on it when I said he was running around like a maniac, and the other morning he used the word "minimac" in context and we couldn't help but laugh! Another one I loved was when my dad was showing him his juggling skills and Jacob kept calling it "gungle".

- When, even though it's been happening a little too much lately, Jacob reaches up and says, "Carry me". It's endearing and I love a good cuddle, though I'm not sure how long my back and arms can take it!

- How ridiculously cute he looks running down the hallway in his PJs, diaper, or even minus his clothes. That tush is the cutest :) And yes, I know someday he'll be rather unhappy I just typed that.

I'm sure there are more I'm missing, but that's enough to keep me smiling for a bit, at least until the next tantrum. We should have a fun weekend on tap. We're going to the circus tonight (a first for me, even) and my parents are coming to visit tomorrow. It's been a while since we've seen them, since they got back last weekend from a nine-day road trip down south, and it had been a week or two prior to that since we last visited. Sunday is, of course, Halloween, so we'll see how trick-or-treating goes. We still had a little trouble convincing him to wear his costume this morning for daycare, but I think as he realizes it is actually fun to dress up and get candy (heck, I'm 30 years older than him and I still enjoy it, as evidenced by my day today. I dressed up like a grocery bag and have eaten far more candy than I should have.), he'll want to do it more. Let's hope he figures that out by Sunday. Hopefully I'll have a few cute pictures to share soon! Happy Halloween!

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