Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Stuff and a Random Cool Thing

Well, we had an eventful and very interesting a good way. My college roommate Mary came into town for a concert, which was very exciting since we haven't had a good, solid weekend together in a long time. We used to do girl weekends with three of us--Mary, me, and our other friend Lois--but life has intervened. Thanks to two marriages, Jacob, and busy social lives, it's been nearly impossible to plan a weekend with all three of us. We did one more than three years ago, but the only time the three of us have been together since was for Lois' wedding two years ago. We've had a day or two here and there since where it was just two of us (when Mary had conferences in town or Lois came in for someone else's wedding), but having two solid days to spend together hadn't happened in a long time. So it was VERY exciting. When I told Craig about the concert, he thought about taking Jacob to Syracuse for an SU alumni lacrosse game. He wasn't 100% sure he was going to do it, even up to late last week, but I think Jacob's excitement probably won him over. So, on Saturday, while Mary and I headed out to shop, eat and go to the concert, the boys headed out to Syracuse. Craig took the camera, and these were the two best shots of the day, both involving Jacob and his popcorn, which he apparently ate a ton of:
Believe it or not, once they got back from Syracuse, they headed off a Rhinos playoff game. Good thing they went, too, because the Rhinos were eliminated from the playoffs that night and therefore there would have been no more soccer games to go to. It was a very cold night (and presumably a very long day), but Jacob once again had a blast running around on the field postgame kicking around his soccer ball. I really think we're going to have to sign him up for soccer next year, because I think he kicks the ball better than me. Now, that's not saying much, but the kid is only two with no formal training.

In the meantime, Mary and I did have a fantastic day. Despite my excitement to go out and shop for myself, I only managed to buy stuff for Jacob. Oh well. It was good research for me, anyway.

Sunday Craig had to work (the Amerks opener!) so Mary, Jacob and I headed down to Geneseo to relive college a bit. Of course, it ended up being a bit of a bummer because the one person we really wanted to see (our college pastor, Dave) wasn't there, and one of our main shopping spots (Royaltees, the college store) was closed for the holiday weekend. However, we did get to eat Mama Mia's pizza and an Aunt Cookie's sub (the latter we got to go, for dinner once we went our separate ways) and we went to our old church, which was pretty much the same as it always had been. After lunch we headed down to the campus, mostly to catch a glimpse of the Genesee Valley, which was looking lovely in its fall colors. While we were down there hanging out on a patio, Jacob wanted to play hockey. Mary, being the ever-resourceful teacher-y type, found a pinecone for Jacob to use as a puck. He loved it. Here is Mary playing the role of the net...
And here is Jacob showing off his "puck", which he was talking about long after yesterday...

After Mary left and Jacob was unsuccessful in getting in a full nap (he slept for a half hour on the way to Geneseo and another half hour or more on the way back, before waking up when we got home), we eventually headed out to the Amerks' home opener. Overall Jacob was his usual self...he watched the game intently most of the time but had a few moments where his behavior was unfortunate. Take this picture for example...he looks happy, but he was trying to kick my hand that was holding the camera. Lovely. I think his lack of a real nap played into it all a bit, and after having to take away his hockey stick for the second time because he was waving it around my face, he started crying and we left. Hopefully he learned a good lesson, but somehow I doubt it. He may just not be at that point yet to associate the behavior with the punishment, no matter how many times I try to spell it out to him. Or maybe he just can't control that part of his behavior yet. Either way, we left and he was upset. He fell asleep on the way home (around 7:30) and he woke up when I was putting on his pj's. I was hoping to rock him back to sleep, but no luck with that after a couple attempts. He ended up being awake until about 9pm, but at least he stayed in his crib and I only had to go in there a couple times. But all things considered it wasn't bad. I did have to wake him up this morning, which is probably thanks to the cold that has now taken all three of us down. Jacob's had it for a week, I started to feel it Thursday but got it to hold off until later last doubt a direct answer to prayer, if I had to guess. And then overnight Craig ended up getting very congested, but lucky for him he's off today for the holiday. What I wouldn't give for that right now...but alas, I have a major project at work that I need to do, so I wouldn't have the option of a sick day right now even if I needed it. But all in all we had a great weekend. I'm hoping we get some more of that same pleasant weather for this coming weekend, when we're planning on going to the pumpkin patch!

Let's see...a couple other random notes...Mary is a speech pathologist who specializes in the preschool level, and she appeared rather impressed with Jacob's speech. He's apparently very good with his pronouns (using "I" instead of "Me") and I think she also expressed surprise over his use of words like "to" and "at". I think a lot of that comes from the fact that he repeats a lot of things over and over, like wanting to go to a hockey game or that the hockey game is at the arena, but I suppose he must be getting some form of exposure to sentence structure by virtue of saying those all the time (which he's basically repeating verbatim from us talking to him about them). But it was interesting. He is a chatty kid and some of the stuff he knows and comes up with is amazing. He knows that the Amerks and Knighthawks play at the Blue Cross Arena, for example. And last night at the game, he pointed out the maple leaf on the Canadian flag. I asked him what it was for, and he said, "Canada". The kid remembers certain things really well. They seem to be things that are somehow related to the things he really cares about (read: sports), but I guess it's good. When he likes something, he really catches on quick.

The other interesting thing actually happened this morning. I follow a blog from a friend of mine that posts great deals around the internet, and one that she posted was a Groupon offer from a site called Blog2Print. Apparently they'll create a printed book from your blog, much like the photo companies do nowadays. Well, when I looked into how this blog would translate into book form, I was surprised to see that it would be over 600 pages worth, which pretty much amounts to about $250 in printing costs. That's with a base price of $24.95 (hardcover) plus 35 cents a page. Yikes. However, for only $7.95, you can get a PDF done. That is tempting. I mean, sure, in theory Blogger will always be around. But you'd think at some point they'd reach a limit and want to ditch old stuff, or some computer will explode and take all the data with it. I never thought Geocities would close up shop and take my old college webpage along with it (yes, it's saved for posterity), but sure enough, it happened. I don't want that to happen to this blog because I've obviously documented a heck of a lot of stuff from a really important period in our lives, without an easy way to back it all up. And it never hurts to have a backup. I'd gladly pay $8 to get it all backed up in one shot. And I suppose I could do it on a yearly basis beyond that if I need to, but at least I'll have the big stuff after the first time I do it, and perhaps I'll be more diligent about printing out the rest after that. But you know what, now that I think about it...I have a function on my work computer that uses the Print menu to create PDFs. And based on what I'm seeing, I could totally do that from there. Wow...never thought of that before. It might not be as pretty, but it's not half bad. Hmmmm. And it's free. Food for thought...

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