Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Horror - An Update

So, as a follow-up to yesterday's post, I took Jacob to a couple stores this morning to try to find a Halloween costume he'd agree to. We told him last night that he couldn't be a goalie or a hockey guy because we just didn't have the stuff to do it. Craig even took him to a store with used equipment to see if they had anything, but no dice. I tried to explain to him that if he didn't pick another costume, then he couldn't go trick-or-treating. He could do it tonight at the Amerks game and again on Halloween, plus he has a party at daycare on Friday. Oh, how I miss his old daycare that did pajama day on Halloween instead!

Anyway, this morning we tried Toys 'R' Us, Old Navy, and the costume store at the mall. Toys 'R' Us just had annoying character ones, Old Navy had nothing left, but we almost had a winner at the costume store. There was a blue M&M (and since Jacob loves M&Ms I thought it was a decent fit) and a Penguins of Madagasgar costume. Jacob always liked that show, so I thought it might be fun. And both were reasonably priced. I decided against the M&M only because I had no idea what we'd put under it leg-wise, and I really didn't want to have to figure that out. But the penguin was really cute, not too heavy, and it looked like it would fit him. But he wouldn't try it on. He refused and freaked out. Rather than waste time and embarrass ourselves, I loaded him back in the stroller, put the costume back, and told him that he wouldn't be doing Halloween this year. He got upset, but I kept trying to explain to him that if he won't wear a costume, then there's nothing we can do.

What's worse, his behavior at all of our stops this morning was so bad that I opted against going to the lacrosse game this afternoon. We were all disappointed, but I was not willing to deal with Jacob in that state. When he's cranky about everything, won't stop trying to run away, and insists on playing hockey in the most inappropriate places (to the point that you can hardly move him), it's just easier to stay home. My suspicions were confirmed when I sat him down to lunch. He practically inhaled three-quarters of his sandwich and then started falling asleep in the middle of the fourth piece. I had turned my back for a few seconds to cut an apple for him, and suddenly I heard a clunk as his head hit the back of his chair. I turned around in time to see him do the head jerk and wake up momentarily. He was still insisting he wasn't tired and even tried to eat a couple pieces of apple, but it was not happening. He was pretty much out before I got him to his room. Poor kid. Even still, it looks like Halloween might not be happening this year. I guess that solves the "who stays home vs. who trick-or-treats" debate before it even got started. We still have a few days, but I'm not hopeful since most of the stores are cleared out already.

I did think of a random but cute costume on our way into the house, by the way. Do you think it would work to buy one of those Wegmans reusable grocery bags, cut holes in the bottom for his legs, use the handles as over-the-shoulder straps, and just fill it with play food? Heck, maybe I'll do that for myself! Might be worth the 99 cent investment to try! I think he'd like the play food, at least. Something to think about :)

As a side note, I'll admit that we're sometimes concerned about Jacob's stubbornness. I know he's two and that's just how two year olds are, but sometimes I can't help but think that he's a bit over the top. He's very particular about playing with his hockey guys and leaving them in the right positions when he leaves them. He often feels the need to play hockey right then and there, no matter how you try to dissuade him or move him from his spot. He will have a complete meltdown if he can't bring a certain stick with him when we go out. He completely freaks out if he can't wear a certain shirt, if we take off his sneakers, or if he can't do exactly what he wants to do at any given moment. All of these things are worthy of major meltdowns if they don't go his way, and I find myself just picking him up and slinging him over my shoulder way too much these days, just because it's one of the few positions I can get him into where it's hard for him to hit me or escape. It's pretty awful. Considering he's pretty social it's doubtful that he's got anything as serious as Asperger's, even though some of things he does are scarily consistent with the symptoms, but it doesn't stop me from worrying that there's something about his personality that's going to be a problem as he grows up. Craig told him the one day that he can't just go through life being cranky, because he's going to miss out on a lot of fun. I think that was when we were at the pumpkin patch and he was refusing to go down the big slide or climb the haybales. And I think we've all been there. I know there have been times when something should have been really fun, and I was too caught up in something not going my way to just sit back and enjoy it. That day, Jacob was so intent on doing something else (probably playing hockey) that he was missing out on the fun that was right in front of him (and wouldn't be for long). And now his insistence on being a hockey goalie and not wanting to try on costumes could cost him the fun of Halloween. It's too bad and I hope it's just a phase, but it's been happening way to much lately. Sad, isn't it?

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