Monday, November 1, 2010

Wild Weekend

We definitely had a wild weekend...thanks to domesticated wild animals, visiting the "wild-erness", and some unfortunately wild behavior by our dear son. Let's start from the beginning...

The end of Thursday and beginning of Friday were a bit crazy, with lots of costuming and baking to attend to in preparation for Halloween. Thursday I had to finish my costume (a grocery bag), bake cookies for Jacob's class (ok, the ready-to-bake ones, but still...), and make two loaves of pull-apart bread for my office. People love when I make it and it had been requested...but I always have to make two! Friday morning I had to get Jacob into his costume (not a hard one, but with Jacob it always takes more effort than should be necessary), pack up my costume, warm up my bread and make the glaze, then head out. I did it all successfully, and then spent most of the day in a total food coma. In case you're curious, here's a picture of my grocery bag. I sewed two Wegmans bags together, put the straps over my shoulders, and filled it with carefully placed groceries. I won the "Most Clever" award at work :) Jacob's day apparently went fine as well, and he brought home a haul of candy and other treats from daycare...enough that those treats and his prior haul from the Amerks game last weekend pretty much filled one of those big trick-or-treat pumpkins.

Friday night we went to the circus. Craig got a couple tickets for free, so off we went. I don't ever recall going to the circus, but if I did, I was young. So it was a first for Jacob and me. We got there a bit late (cranky child at dinner!) and just saw the zebras and horses as they headed off the floor. We did get to see a lot, though, including swinging acrobats, tightrope walkers, people shot out of a cannon, trained dogs, lots of magic, and some silly clowns. Jacob liked the people playing badminton (tennis, if you ask him) upside down. We also saw tigers and elephants, and they were pretty impressive. Jacob also really liked the popcorn, as usual. Here's the latest in our series of popcorn-eating pictures: And here's a good shot of the elephants. Watching the animals was fascinating, but it felt just a little wrong since I'm pretty sure elephants don't do this for fun in the wild: The next morning my parents came in to visit since we hadn't seen them in ages. It was a pleasant but slightly cold day, and we decided to go out and do some geocaching at a park near our house. We pinpointed three that looked doable, and set out to find them. It was mostly easy hiking, but Jacob decided he wanted to be carried for a lot of it. Still, we had a nice time and Jacob got a couple trinkets out of it from a couple of the ones we found. One took long, in fact, that Jacob fell asleep during it and we all took turns passing him around while we looked. Prior to that, however, I took this awesome picture... Yes, he's sitting on a tree that went across the trail. He loved it! My parents and I left Craig and Jacob in the car to find the third one, which was creatively hidden in a rotted log, and then headed off to lunch. My parents came back to the house for a little while before heading for home, and we struggled to get Jacob down for a nap since he'd had the cat nap earlier...and yet he really seemed to need it. He did sleep for a bit (and so did I), but I swear we both woke up groggier than we were originally. Still, we forged ahead and carved pumpkins that night. We had four to choose from but only ended up doing two. I figure I can keep the other two around as outdoor decorations a little longer. Two was enough!

Here's Jacob's first look at pumpkin guts. He didn't really seem interested in touching it, but he did use the scoop that came with the carving kit to "pretend" he was scooping out goop. He was relatively well-behaved, other than a scribbling incident on the newspaper than went through to the (new!) table. Here are the boys enjoying the fun...And here's Jacob with one finished pumpkin...this is the one he brought home from his daycare field trip to the pumpkin patch... Sunday was one big struggle. Church and lunch were both disasters. Jacob did end up taking a nap from about 2pm to just before 5pm, so while in theory that was good, it ended up being a little too much fuel for him and he was hyper for the rest of the night. I'm not sure how much was the supernap vs. the piece or two of candy he had, but made for a tough end to a tough day overall. However...we did get him into his costume and he did do a great job trick-or-treating. Craig took one for the team and went out with him into the rain and sleet! I would have taken the second shift if Jacob would have wanted to go back out, but they stayed out for a while and Jacob was ready to stay home and play. He brought back a bunch of candy and some other miscellanous things like a pack of microwave popcorn and a wooden space shuttle model kit(!). Craig said Jacob was more fascinated by the kids running around than he was by anything else. He was creeped out by one well-decorated house in our neighborhood (and still talking about it this morning), and was excited to see a lacrosse net AND a basketball hoop at a house around the corner. Here he is prior to heading out....and yes, I am thankful that his costume was inherently waterproof!And here is our final pumpkin display... And finally, here's a cute picture from a momentary rest in the midst of his hyper evening, post-trick-or-treating...and yes, he was playing soccer with Daddy. By now his hockey sticks had all been confiscated after one too many high sticking incidents, so he was relegated to soccer. It was certainly a full weekend, and behavior aside, a good one at that. Now that November's here, I'm thinking that we're getting into the part of the year where the weekend activities are at a minimum. We still seem to find plenty to keep us busy, but the fun, premeditated activities that keep us busy all through the good weather portion of the year are definitely winding least until the Christmas season. Then we cram a ton into the period between Thanksgiving and the New Year before retreating back into hermit-hood for a few more months. That's not an entirely bad thing, but my apologies if the blog gets a little blah for a bit. When we have a distinct lack of organized activities, I tend to have gaps in my photos, which always annoys me when I look back and wonder if I missed any subtle changes in Jacob's appearance from one point to another. It bugs me more looking back on his tiny baby era photos, but perhaps in a few years any gaps from this period will be equally annoying. Hopefully I'm more diligent and still manage to find something more interesting to take pictures of than Jacob running around the house with sports equipment!

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