Sunday, October 3, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Yesterday morning when I walked into Jacob's bedroom to get him up, he had pulled off his pajama pants. He said that he was like the monkey, meaning his stuffed Build-a-Bear monkey whose shorts constantly fall down. Great. This is the same monkey who Jacob would frequently talk about over the monitor, saying, "Mommy, monkey pants fall down" or "Look at monkey pants!" I couldn't help but laugh, though, at all of the above. Then this morning I came in and he proudly told me that he had taken his pants AND his diaper off. Oh. Crap. Well, the good news is that the damage was minimal. No poop and his sheets were just a little wet. One animal (ironically the monkey himself) may or may not have gotten peed on (could have been drool), so I guess I'll just wipe it down and Febreeze it, just in case. I was really hoping we'd avoid the phase of taking off clothes in bed, and especially the diaper...but no such luck, I guess. I'm hoping that the strict "no" that he got from both of us, plus the fact that his monkey has been held hostage all day, will convince him it was a bad idea. He didn't like when I was throwing the animals out of his bed to change the sheets, so let's hope that image is burned in his mind a bit. Leave it to Jacob, though...

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