Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Randoms for the Day

Not much of note to report, but enough little stuff that I can crank out a decent post. We had a good and relatively low key weekend. Saturday Craig had to go up to Canada for an Amerks preseason game, so Jacob and I were on our own. He took a nap after lunch, during which an old friend of mine came to visit. I have known Mike since high school and we were very good friends in college, despite going to different schools. We hit a bit of a rough patch when he came out during our junior year (I felt betrayed that he didn't tell me (I found out from a mutual friend), and then I was worried about his health, well-being, and spiritual life--previously he'd been a strong Christian--and all of it together was a lot to take. It was like having to get to know a new friend all over again), but we've always cared very much for each other and are always excited to see each other when we can. He was in town on his way to N.T. for his brother's wedding (Mike lived here during college and a couple years after, so he had plenty of friends to visit), and we managed to get in some good catching up while Jacob slept. When he finally woke up, we tried to go to the zoo, but got there a mere couple minutes late and had to settle for the playground down the road from the zoo. I had always wanted to stop there, but we were always in a hurry to get to the zoo, or hoping for a nap on the way home from the zoo, so we'd never stopped before. After playing for a bit, we put Jacob in the stroller and took a walk down a nearby path to a pedestrian bridge over the Genesee River gorge. The peaks of fall colors made it worth the short walk, and we marveled that we never knew that was even there. We did dinner and then came home. Jacob and I had a relatively good night.

Sunday we had a few people over to the house for the Bills game and to help Craig finally close the pool. Jacob slept through the first part, then spent the next half hour or so glued to me. He finally loosened up and played a bit with our friends' son. Of course, because of the zoo snafu the day before, I had promised Jacob we could at least make a quick trip to the zoo on Sunday. So, the two of us ended up taking off before all the company left (arg), but managed to get in a good hour or so at the zoo. We saw everything, albeit briefly, and Jacob was a very good boy. There were times he wanted to get out of the stroller and I just wouldn't let him because I couldn't afford to take the time to chase him, but he seemed to accept it, so we had fun. We had a low key night at home, and the weekend was over all too quickly.

Over the weekend I think we watched the "monkey movie" about 10 times. The "monkey movie" is MVP - Most Valuable Primate, a movie Jacob saw on TV once and loved. It's about a monkey that plays hockey, which means it includes two of Jacob's favorite things. I found the DVD at a Blockbuster going out of business sale for like, $8. We watched it a bit over the summer, and it got us through the rough driving leg from Erie to Buffalo on our trip home from Pittsburgh, but lately Jacob wants to watch it all the time. Like multiple times a day every day. It was practically on repeat all weekend. Now, mind you, Jacob is playing while the movie is on. He'll watch a bit, then go play with his hockey guys or bury himself under blankets with his stuffed monkeys. He's not sitting there like a zombie. So, at least that's good. But he asks for it all the time. We've tried to sway him with other things, like Sesame Street, Chuggington, or even a cute-looking $5 movie Craig got at Walmart--an animated baseball-themed movie called Everybody's Hero. But nothing is really swaying him. It's a cute movie, so at least we can enjoy it a bit, but I am getting tired of seeing the same thing. Most of the time I just try to keep the TV off if I can.

Yesterday when we got home, I quickly ran upstairs to use the bathroom, leaving Jacob playing with his hockey guys. When I came back down, he had this panicked/pained/worried look on his face and then told me that he had to poop. I quickly sprung into action...telling him to hold it, scooping him up, and running up to the bathroom, stripping off his pants and diaper and getting him on the toilet. It took a minute, but sure enough, he pooped! I'm finding wiping to be really awkward, by the way, so if anyone has advice on that, please share. I feel like I just can't get it all, or see to try to get it all. Ugh. But in any event, he told me he had to go, and he went! Success! He got an addition to his hockey game (a new net that came with his little Club Penguin hockey player he got after his successful poop in Pittsburgh) and I praised him like crazy, hoping he'll get the idea that this is a great thing.

Jacob picked up a bit of a cold over the last few days, and last night was a rough one. He was wide awake for quite a while, miserable when we'd leave but in a good mood while we were there. And can I just say that his witty banter (and thousandth time asking about a hockey game) is really freaking annoying at 4am? It's one thing if he's miserable...I get it. But if he can be unmiserable enough to talk about hockey, then why can't he settle in and fall asleep? Ugh! I finally gave him Tylenol and that must have taken the edge off because he fell asleep shortly thereafter. Still, it wasn't soon enough for any of us. Craig and I were beat and waking Jacob up this morning was like dragging a teenager out of bed. He didn't want to wake up while in his crib, so I picked him up. He kept trying to snuggle back in on my shoulder. When I put him on his changing table to give him his morning medicines and vitamin, he kept rolling back over (butt in the air) to go back to sleep. He was miserable all morning about everything--his clothes, his hockey guys, putting on his coat--and I felt ridiculously guilty about taking him to daycare. Much like my post last week, I knew he needed more sleep and a good rest, but I just couldn't stay with him. I figured I'd take him, and if he was that miserable once he got there, they could call me. And they did call me, only it was to tell me he walked into a wall (par for the course with him) and bumped his head. But no, no desperate requests (yet) to take him home. His best friend has a sinus infection, so let's hope that's not what's on the horizon for Jacob. Poor kid's been through enough and it's not even the depths of cold season yet.

I guess that's about it for now. I have a couple more posts brewing, so more soon!

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