Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Pics...

Every once in a while I like to take a day and post some random pictures from the previous few weeks that didn't make the cut the first time around or just never had a logical post to be attached to. Today is one of those days!

Here's a shot from when Jacob and I went to the Amerks' Blue/White Scrimmage a couple weeks ago. We actually ended up having a pretty good night. Jacob ate his dinner very well, presumably because I told him that if he ate well (meaning, ate his food and ate it at a good pace so we'd have time), we'd go to the pet shop next door to look at the kitties, turtles and fish. Sure enough, he ate like a champ and we headed next door for a fun few minutes. The scrimmage was pretty low key, and we spent much of it in the one end of the rink, right at ice level. Jacob got a little freaked out when I tried to sit him on a stool to take a picture of him with the ice and players in the background, but I have no idea why. So, I had to settle for pictures of him playing hockey instead, and this was really the only good one--mostly because he was running too fast to get a clear shot in any of the other ones.

Lately Jacob has wanted to watch his "Monkey Movie", MVP: Most Valuable Primate, all the time. It got ridiculous so I've tried to put a kibosh on it. If Jacob misbehaves, it's the first thing that goes. I want it to be more of a special privilege than something we do every day. It's a cute movie, but I've had enough. I wouldn't mind a little variety, at least. The movie may also be at least partially responsible for a bit of trouble Jacob got into at daycare. He started saying "suck" the other day and apparently got all the kids on board, and Craig noticed that the exact phrase, "You suck," is in a scene with hockey action. Oops. Anyway...before I started imposing the ban, Craig had been attempting to get Jacob to embrace Craig's love of the floor (seriously, he'll sometimes lay on the floor for no apparent reason--better now with carpet than at our old house) and getting Jacob all set up with a blanket, pillow, and his animals. Here's a shot from one of these snuggle-fests...

And here's another picture from Sunday's outing to Geneseo with Mary. Mr. Cool is hanging out in his stroller in his stylin' sweater and shades, and of course, his hockey stick.
Well, I got the call today from daycare that they think Jacob has strep throat. It's going through his class and apparently they noticed white spots in his throat. He's off to the doctor tonight and hopefully the antibiotics will work and he'll be back to normal in no time. Of course, we wouldn't have known he was sick beyond the cold he's had for a couple weeks (that he passed along to both of us), so I guess we're lucky that we have such a tolerant little boy. It never ends!

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