Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

As I mentioned on Monday, we had quite the eventful Easter weekend. I was off work on Good Friday, and Jacob's daycare was closed, so the two of us got to start our weekend early. Thursday night was a flurry of packing. Of course, I did take a second to snap a couple quick photos of Jacob being silly. Here he is playing with the backstop to Craig's Peanuts baseball figurine set...he kept holding it up to his face and it was so funny!

Once Craig was off to work Friday morning, it was just Jacob and me...so I tried to keep him occupied while I finished packing. We got a little outside playtime on the swingset that came with the new house, then had to go in, eat lunch, and get ready to leave. The noon departure left us a lot of playtime once we got to my parents' house. My dad retrieved a bag of balls from the garage for Jacob to play with. The hardballs probably weren't the best idea, but there were some good ones in there. Jacob liked this ball a lot...particularly since he loves basketball these days...

Speaking of basketball, Jacob was obsessed with the full size basketball hoop next door to my parents, and really wanted to play "ba-kee-ball" there the whole weekend. At one point he took a wagon ride down the street with my mom, and they came back with friends--Nora, a little girl that lives down the street, and her parents. Along with her came her little pink car and a soft bouncy ball that was nearly basketball size. I put Jacob on my shoulders and let him shoot that ball at the big hoop, since the ball couldn't do any harm to the cars sitting nearby. He had a blast with that. Too much, in fact...

The next morning my mom put together a little Easter egg hunt in the backyard for Jacob and Nora. Of course, when the time came, Jacob only wanted to play basketball. And since the ball we had used the day before went home with Nora, we didn't have one that would work. Jacob would not take no for an answer, and the Easter egg hunt became a bit of a disaster...on his part, anyway. Here's everyone walking to the backyard. You can't tell here, but Jacob was freaking out the whole way.

And this is where he sat for pretty much the whole thing... (Interestingly, this picture is actually upside down. I took it from my vantage point--looking down at my feet, but it was hard to view the picture that way so I've flipped it for your benefit.)

In the meantime, Nora diligently found all of the eggs. She shared them with Jacob, too. It took a good 20 minutes or so, but Jacob finally calmed down and decided to go down the slide a few times.

And eventually he got to check out his loot...or rather, the loot that Nora shared with him. Lucky kid that she's such a sweet girl! He got to try a Hershey Kiss and a couple jellybeans. Of course, the next time I had to wipe Jacob's nose after that (he's been really congested the past few days), it was running out orange, so I think he may have inadvertently snorted some into his sinuses...ouch!
Nora was so cute and definitely benefitted from an Easter egg hunt the previous weekend...she was an old pro!
After the hunt we headed down to Nora's house to ease Jacob's basketball craving, using her little net. He had fun taking shots at the hoop and especially enjoyed when he got a little assist to do a slam dunk!
Later on he decided to take the wagon for a walk...probably to get back to Nora's basketball hoop. He probably would have walked really far had my dad not turned him around!

Later on Saturday, after lunch and a really long nap, we went down to the river to do a little caching. My mom found it rather quickly as we walked along the canal, and then we continued along the river. Jacob got to meet a few dogs along the way, which he enjoyed. Doesn't he look like such a little man in this picture?

Later that night we attempted to have some fun with the Easter eggs that Jacob didn't care to hunt for earlier. He had a good time putting them into the basket and dumping them out, all while I was encouraging him to count. Sometimes it almost sounds like he's getting some numbers out correctly, but it's tough to tell. Same with colors, though I know he's getting better with those!
Jacob had another good night of sleep on Saturday and woke up refreshed and ready to go. He got his Easter baskets from us and from Grandma and Grandpa before church...and just like last year, he liked playing with the Easter grass. He got a couple books, a slinky, and some M&Ms from us (not to mention a dog from Build-a-Bear last week...who cares that it didn't actually cost us anything thanks to some coupons we had!), and he got lots of Platters chocolate (an NT favorite!) and an Easter book from Grandma and Grandpa.

We went off to church and actually got through it without having to leave the pew! Of course, it wasn't without a couple "moments", like when Jacob yayed and clapped after a song or when he just couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to draw in the pew bible or hymnal. Hmmm. After church we went to the gym (which Jacob only remembers for having played basketball on a little kiddie hoop in there a couple times--seriously, we arrived at church and he immediately started saying "basketball") for a delicious breakfast. Jacob ate well while I could keep his attention, but pretty much once Craig arrived (direct from Rochester after two straight game nights), Jacob was off and running again. They were holding an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids near the end of breakfast, and my mom took Jacob while I finished eating. By the time I got there, Jacob had half a paper bag full of candy (there weren't many eggs, just a LOT of candy scattered on the ground...and not many kids that age to share it!) and was running around holding a HUGE blue bunny. Sure enough, he had picked up one of the few eggs that were scattered around, and it had a little paper in it that indicated that he won the bunny. Good thing we have a big new house! I tried to take a picture of Jacob, Craig and the bunny, but one of the three wasn't cooperative ;-)
After a quick stop back at my parents' to pack up, we headed out to Hamburg to see Craig's family. I don't have any photos to document that stop, but suffice it to say that Jacob was all over the place as usual. He wanted to climb the stairs and hang out in his cousin Walt's room, presumably because of the big baseball Fathead stickers on the wall. He had fun playing with his cousins as usual and got a few more gifts to complete his Easter haul. Of course, he didn't nap much all day and by the time dinner was over (which he hardly ate), he was miserable no matter what we did. He fell asleep in Craig's arms in about 30 seconds of rocking, and shortly thereafter we packed up and headed out. He slept the whole way home, woke up for less than an hour once we got home, then went back to sleep until I woke him up at 7:45 the next morning. I guess it was a crazy weekend for all of us! Now we're back to the grind, hoping to get in a good groove at home for a while. Now if only I could get that couchtime I've been looking for!

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