Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

- Lately I find myself wanting to be home a lot. I don't really feel like I used to do that a lot in our old house. I'm not sure if it's just because I really like our house now and want to be there to enjoy it, or if I'm still just dying to get everything unpacked and in place and crave the time to do it, or if I'd just rather not be at work based on the stuff I'm doing right now. Probably a combo of all three. And when I see Jacob's adorable little face staring at my via my computer wallpaper, that probably doesn't help either...though I know I can't take care of the unpacking very well when he's there because he's shoving a hockey stick into my hand every other minute and trying to drag me off (literally...he'll grab my hand) to play hockey with him. Still, I'd like to be home a lot more than I am. I can see this being a very conflicting summer coming up. On one hand we have the massive number of family commitments we have back in Buffalo--birthdays, reunions, miscellaneous parties--and on the other, we have our lovely new house with tons of landscaping to care for, a swing set and a swimming pool. Oy.

- Jacob's room is about one step away from becoming the first completely finished room in the house--assuming we don't decide to paint it. Last night I put up all of his Snoopy stuff again--the quilt over the changing table, the three little squares over his crib, and the infamous bumper as a chair rail along the wall. The bumper doesn't fit quite as well as it did in his old room, but it's not bad. It does the trick. And the purple matches beautifully :) However, I suppose that if we decide the purple isn't good for a boy's room (and particularly if the child that takes over that room when the time comes is not of the female variety), then we'll have to tackle painting. As a side note, the green color I mentioned a while back (originally earmarked for our old kitchen) is closer than I thought it would be. It matches one of the green fabrics that's part of the Snoopy stuff. Unfortunately, it clashes pretty significantly with the other, more prominent green in the set, which is more of a soft lime color. So if we paint, it'll probably be some shade of powder blue. Otherwise the purple will be perfect!

- Hockey playoffs start tonight for both the Amerks and Sabres, and I realized this morning that this is Jacob's first playoff hockey season. Neither team made it last year. And while it all really has nothing to do with him--obviously he's not really aware of the significance--I still think it's interesting considering his obsession with the sport. My Sabres fandom has waned a bit in the last couple years, partly due to issues with their management and a perception that they've forgotten the "little guy" fans who can't pay the astronomical sums to go to their games. They're also no longer the Amerks' parent team, so they're sort of the enemy now on that level. However, I can't help but cheer for the many guys on the team that played here (particularly in the glory days near the end of my tenure working there), and it's hard to cheer against Buffalo in the playoffs in any sport, considering all of the tough times they've experienced in that department. There's really no NHL team I like more, obviously, so if I have to pick a team (which, inevitably, every hockey fan does), it would have to be Buffalo anyway. So, while Jacob won't understand the importance of the games we'll be flipping between tonight, hopefully someday we'll have some great stories to tell him that result from them!

- Can anyone explain to me why Jacob feels the need to have us stand up to play hockey with him? When we try to sit on the floor, he always says, "Up!" and often grabs our hand to literally try to pull us up. And no, knees don't cut it. We need to be standing. That makes playing with an 18-inch long stick pretty tough, even for me. But that's how he wants it.

- This is probably a pretty pathetic post, so I will leave you with a funny video clip that I sort of forgot about. This was taken at our old house a week or two before the move. Jacob found my flip flops scattered among the boxes in our office, and decided to take a walk in them. Classic.

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