Friday, April 9, 2010

Language Explosion

Lately I've been noticing Jacob's vocabulary go through the roof. While a lot of it still isn't particularly clear, and we're not getting actual sentences, there are a few multi-word phrases and a lot of actual, real words. You go through a phase with toddlers where you know they understand what you're saying, even if they don't have the words to respond appropriately. And don't get me wrong, there's still a heck of a lot of unrecognizable stuff that comes out of Jacob's mouth and quite a few times where he'll look at me quizzically or ignore me altogether. But I think we're starting to move toward the point where Jacob will be able to respond, with words, more times than not. Of course, when I want him to have them most is when he's upset, and usually at that point he's got none. Ugh. But there have been more than a few moments in the last few days where Jacob will say a word and I'm shocked he even knows it. And, no, not the ones of the four letter variety...yet. Take last night, for example. For Easter Jacob got a couple books--Sesame Street-themed ones from the dollar section of Target. One of them was Elmo's First Book of Colors. The book highlights one color per page, with a little rhyming verse about the color that names a couple things on the page that are a certain color. Then it prompts the reader to look for other things that are the same color. We went through the red page and Jacob named things I didn't even know he knew, including "door" and "coat". Yesterday at the grocery store we were waiting in line and Jacob (as usual) was pointing to the various shapes contained in the sticker showing all accepted credit cards--the circles in the Mastercard logo, the star on another--and then I started asking him colors. For a while, until late last week, everything was blue. But slowly I started hearing "red" and "yellow", and earlier this week I got an "orange". So he's telling me the colors as we're getting checked out, and the cashier (who, admittedly, was only a teenager and probably knows nothing about the developmental schedules of toddlers) asked me how old he was and seemed genuinely impressed that he already knows his colors. The other day while we were in the car, I asked Jacob if he could count on his fingers. I figured they had to do that at daycare, and sure enough, he held up his hand and started pointing to each finger. His numbers aren't very good yet, but he does know a couple (five and nine being his favorites) but even still--his intonation while he was "counting" was exactly what you'd expect if he was saying, "One, two, three, four, five...", which was cool. There's just something about his talking nowadays (even the nonsense stuff) that sounds very real. And on top of that he's been doing little things lately that just reek of "big boy"...but of course then he melts down into a major tantrum and I taken right back into thinking he's my little baby. Oh well.

Off to a fun weekend, though half of it will be Craig-less. He's got a couple Knighthawks games to attend to before we run off to try to find a lawnmower on Sunday. We need a rider now, thanks to our giant patch of land. Wish us luck!

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