Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend Fun

Well, we certainly had a busy weekend. We left on Thursday afternoon to head to North Tonawanda and meet up with my parents. That evening, my mom, Jacob and I headed out to HSBC Arena to see the Amerks (the Sabres' old farm team) play the Sabres' new farm team, the Portland Pirates. I figured that Jacob would be entranced since he'd never been to an arena that big before, and games at the smallish Blue Cross Arena here in Rochester usually holds his attention. Well, even though we were sitting in the third row, he was so squirmy! He hardly ate any dinner before we left, and hardly watched the game at all. However, he loved walking through the concourse and especially loved "Sabretooth's House", a structure set up in the concourse with a few kiddie activities (although no one was staffing it for this game). We met up with Craig's dad, brother and two of our nephews, and I think Jacob liked seeing them. He even got a little stuffed Sabretooth from Craig's dad. Even though Jacob was a bit exhausting and the Amerks looked terrible (they lost by a bunch and it broke their team record-tying 12-game winning streak), it was still a fun night. I forgot my camera, though, so no pictures. :(

On Friday we hung out with my parents. In the afternoon we headed out to the playground near my parents' house. They have some fun equipment, including some that's good for little kids. Here's Jacob getting some help down one of the slides...

He got to climb and slide for a while, and then we headed out to partake in my parents' newest hobby, geocaching. In case you've never heard of it, it involves using a GPS to find "treasures" that other cachers have hidden in the most random places. You can find their location on the internet, and then you use coordinates and sometimes additional clues along the way to find the cache. My parents pinpointed a couple easy ones to check out nearby, and Jacob and I came along for the ride. We found the first one at the base of a concrete support for a high speed rail line that apparently went from Niagara Falls to Buffalo back in the earlier part of the 20th century. Here's Jacob checking out the treasures inside the cache...which in this case included some army man-esque figures and a bouncy ball.

Next up was a cache somewhere between the canal and DeGraff Memorial Hospital, near a set of steps up to the level of the Twin Cities Highway. Jacob made out well with this one, as there was a soft ball (the kind you throw around your pool that soak up water), and apparently you can take one of the trinkets other cachers left behind if you leave one in its place. So, Jacob got to keep the ball!

And here he is playing with it before we hopped back in the car...

Dinner was a disaster that night as Jacob wouldn't eat. He wouldn't even sit in his high chair. Eventually he managed to eat a bit, but it was a major struggle. Still, we had a fairly nice evening visiting Great-Grandma, and Jacob slept well. On Saturday we briefly visited a friend of mine at their job, and then met up with my oldest friend, Heather, to walk around the N.T. City Market. There were lots of tempting things, but knowing we still had a couple days in Buffalo before heading home, it was tough to buy anything that might need refrigeration or should be eaten quickly. Still, we had a nice time catching up. After that we packed up and headed to Hamburg for the second half of our weekend. We met up with Craig and grabbed some lunch before meeting up with Craig's brother's family for a visit to Chestnut Ridge Park. Jacob played on the playground (more fun slides, some swings, and lots of climbing) and threw balls to his heart's content until the sun went down and it started to get cold. We enjoyed dinner and meeting some new family at Craig's parents' house that evening.

The next day was Craig's Nana's 90th birthday party. We had a very good time and ate well! Jacob was good except that he was constantly getting in people's way because he was addicted to climbing the three steps that separated the room we were in from the rest of the place. He must have gone up and down those steps about 30 least. He also wasn't very smiley during picture taking and was not a happy camper when we tried to steer him to somewhere he wasn't intending on going. This picture sort of sums up the day...he was cute as ever, but everything was a bit of a struggle.

Jacob and I took a great nap together that afternoon (it was sort of accidental, but it was nice nonetheless--our apologies to any family that we missed out on time with...Jacob needed a nap and I had a nagging headache), and we all gathered up our strength to drive home separately. Jacob was with me. It felt really good to get home that night, but as I mentioned yesterday, we came home to a house desperately in need of more de-cluttering. We will be staying close to home this weekend, and hopefully we can make a good dent in it! And then....thanksgiving! Yay for food, family and a couple days off!

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