Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Saturday!

With Craig out of town all weekend, I purposely filled up our day Saturday. I wanted to keep Jacob busy so he had less time to run around the house like a maniac, which inevitably would drive me nuts. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to spend a considerable amount of time outside. I originally wanted to go to the zoo in the afternoon because I knew the weather would be perfect and we hadn't been there in a while. They just got a new polar bear a month or two ago, and since we had hardly seen the old one at all last summer, I was dying to go check them out. But then I remembered that Jacob had a birthday party to go to, for one of the girls that he used to go to daycare with. Her mom and I are Facebook friends and they just went through a house move too (two weeks after us), so we've had a bit in common lately. So, I decided we could hit up the zoo in the morning, tire Jacob out so he'd nap a bit before the party, and then head out to the party for the afternoon. I had mentioned the zoo to Lori and she was excited to join us, so off we went on Saturday morning. The weather was perfect (low-to-mid 60s and sunny!) and it wasn't nearly as busy as I expected it to be. Maybe everyone got it out of their system during spring break week! We got a fantastic parking spot and headed off. The monkeys were active, we got some close looks at exotic birds, and finally got to see the polar bears! Jacob was in a good mood, though he pounced on every opportunity to run around that he had. Here he is sitting on the glassed in ledge overlooking the sea lion pool...with his lacrosse stick in hand, as usual. He had a lot of fun with Lori, too...her hat placement, not mine :)
HeHe really liked running around in the underground of the polar bear/sea lion exhibit, where you can watch them swim underwater. It's a big open area (apparently they rent it out for parties), so he got a good run in. I tried to get a picture of Jacob with the big stuffed polar bears they have there, but this is what I ended up with...notice how Jacob is in a strikingly similar pose as his furry friend :)

After checking out the baboons (one was actually grooming another one...you hear that about monkeys all the time, but I don't think I'd ever actually seen a monkey picking and eating off of another like that. Nature is so odd.), we got a good view of the elephants.
We headed back out of the zoo after that, and the crowds were definitely getting bigger by then. We hopped in the car and Jacob was out pretty quickly. He slept most of the 20 minute ride home (starting around 12:30) and then continued his nap at home. The birthday party started at 2pm, so around 2:10 I decided that would have to be enough of a nap and I woke him up. He actually weathered that pretty well, thankfully. The only glitch was that he was insistent on bringing his lacrosse stick and hockey stick to the party. Not exactly the ideal toy to have around other toddlers, though, so I told him he could have them in the car but could not take them into the party. He said he understood (yeah, right) and that contented him for the moment. I gave him a cup of milk since he hadn't had a chance to eat lunch (bad mommy) and we headed off to the party.

Once we got there, he was able to eat some snacks (pretzels, chips, dip, goldfish) and have a juice box, so I felt a little better about the lunch situation. He got to play in his little friend's big yard, in her sandbox, on her little slide, with her doggie (a Yorkie, so it was the perfect size), and with various kiddie sports equipment around the yard. It was so nice to see a couple of his little friends again, though it was amazing how big they all are now, four months after the day care closed. The birthday girl and the other little girl in attendance both go to the same place. I felt a twinge of guilt that we didn't try to send Jacob there as well. That place is a little more expensive, but the price isn't bad once you hit the "two's" and they do include food and diapers (our place is food only) so it probably wouldn't have been as bad as we thought...at least not for long. But by the time we decided it might not be that much worse, they were full. Arg. It would have been insanely convenient AND he'd be in the same room (eventually) as a couple of his former classmates. And as much as I'd love to try to find an opening there, I just don't think we want to go through the switch again. Anyway...it was nice to have the kids playing and just be able to chat with the other parents. The other little girl's mom had twin boys about four months ago, so it was interesting hearing her stories. There was also a couple there with a cute younger baby (maybe nine months?), so there was a nice variety of parenting stories all around. I don't get a lot of chances to do things like that, so it was a lot of fun.

After playing, snacks and gift opening, the kids sat down at the table to enjoy cupcakes. It was pretty cute :) Here's Jacob with the birthday girl...notice the cute silicone bear cupcake molds. We got to bring ours home!

After cake it was back outside for more playing. While the girls played in the sandbox and fought over the swing (best friends or not, it's tough to share at this age!), Jacob headed off on his own. He loved this slide, particularly when he crawled underneath it!

Oh, and good news for Grandma and Grandpa...he's finally taken up golf!

It still looks a little more like hockey than golf, but I'm sure he'll get there! Anyway, we ended up making a hasty exit when Jacob started grabbing his stomach and whining. I'm still not sure what the issue was, whether it was a slight bout of constipation or a weird reaction to party food, but he only complained about it one more time once we were home and seemed to show no ill effects. I had this horrible image of him puking in the car on the way home (or worse, still at the party) and being alone for another day-plus with a sick little boy, but thankfully it never happened. Whew. Still, let me say I'm relieved to have a child old enough to start pinpointing his pain, even if what he's pointing to is making me more nervous! I was shocked when we got in the car and the clock said 5:15. I never expected that a party would keep him (or me) happily occupied for three hours, so that was cool. And Jacob even came home with a cool "doggy bag" of stuff--two dog pencils, an Elmo activity book, crayons, bubbles, one of those party horns that unrolls when you blow on it, some stickers and a little bag of M&M's. What a fun time!

After such a busy day Saturday we were pretty content to lay low on Sunday. We just did church and a quick bit of shopping in the late afternoon (complete with a stop at PetSmart to see the animals...including a giant St. Bernard and a nice Golden Retriever, lots of fish, a bunch of cats, and a few gerbils and birds...I try to avoid the mice, rats and lizards, though!). We got the potty and that was about the extent of our excitement for the day. It was a fun weekend but we're happy to have Craig back home. Now we just need the Amerks to win their game seven tonight so Jacob's "Let's go Amerks" and "Let's go Hawks" chants aren't all for naught...

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