Monday, April 5, 2010

Settling in...

I hope to have an Easter review soon, but I just didn't have a chance to pull pictures off my camera from the weekend. We had a good one, though. It was very busy and included its fair share of Jacob's less-than-enjoyable moments, but for the most part he was good (albeit determined) and generally a lot of fun. But I'll admit, it felt great to climb into my own bed last night!

Holidays in my mind are all about family. As a result, there really wasn't any choice but to head to Buffalo for the weekend. Of course, I could have waited and come into town with Craig on Sunday morning, but because of our Easter Sunday schedule, my only chance to see much of my extended family was on Good Friday for the annual Binkley tradition, prunes and noodles. Yes, it sounds nasty, but it's not. It's basically just egg noodles with buttery croutons and a splash of juice from canned plums. The more adventurous older folks eat the plums, but most of us younger folk add a bit of parmesan cheese and call it done. It's a weird German tradition, but it's been going strong for years thanks to (and now in honor of) my grandma. But it was a nice time with the family and a good opportunity for Jacob to play with his cousins. But because of this event, we had to come in on Friday. And since Craig was coming in separately on Sunday, I didn't really think we needed two cars in town so I opted to hitch a ride with my aunt and cousin. They were leaving at noon, which meant that my unpacking time would once again be limited. Not that I can do much with Jacob running around anyway, so I guess it was just as well. At least I didn't have to look at all the stuff I couldn't do all weekend...I just had to think about it periodically.

Once we got home last night and Jacob was in bed (mercifully, he went to bed early even though he'd already slept the whole way home...and slept until I woke him up at 7:45 this morning...nice!), I spent a good couple hours unpacking a large portion of the office. That felt good, though there's still quite a bit left to do in there. I still haven't touched the dining room, and the spare bedroom is pretty much a mess as well. Not to mention that we still have some patching and painting to do, which I'd like to take care of before we start hanging up decorations. I haven't even touched the "decor" bins and boxes, and they account for a lot of the remaining stuff. Craig's been doing a lot with his stuff, though he's still got quite a bit to sort through as well. He's got quite a few more years of saved stuff floating around than I do!

We've now been in the house for more than a week, and I'm still not feeling "at home". I'm sure the boxes in every corner and the lack of decorations with sentimental value are contributing to that. I haven't hung up the mirror above my dresser in our bedroom yet because I'm not sold on the furniture positioning, so I'm still doing my makeup in the bathroom...and I'm sure that's another factor. I'm just not in a groove, and I'm sure being away this weekend didn't help matters. I love the house, of course, but I just feel a little out of sync. I'm not used to cooking in the kitchen, or cleaning up for that matter (but boy, do I love having that dishwasher!). I'm not used to Jacob's hiding places yet, and there's so many more than in the old house! There's still a lot of stuff that's not in place, so I'm not in good habits yet of putting certain things away in certain spots. There are just a lot of things waiting for other things, and it's starting to drive me nuts! However, I think one of the biggest detractors is that I haven't just laid on the couch and watched TV. At all. I think I sat in one chair one night for one show, but seriously...we've been here a week...and that's all I used to do pretty much from the moment Jacob was in bed. So, I guess once I do that, things will start feeling a little more "normal" for me. Not sure when it will happen, but hopefully someday soon. My whole body is tired out...brain and back especially. I'd love to take one more day off of work to really get things done, but that doesn't seem possible right now thanks to a pile of projects. One box at a time, I guess. Speaking of which...time to go take care of a couple. More soon...

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