Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's in a year?

Now that a year has passed, it's amazing to think about the things I haven't done in a year or how our new "normal" has been in place for that long. Or even more, things that have been different since I got pregnant, or even before. Consider this...I went off the pill two years ago this month in anticipation of getting pregnant sometime in late summer or early fall. As I've mentioned before, my cycle took a while to get on fact, I didn't even know it had until I was already pregnant. As a result, between hormonal issues, pregnancy, birth control and breastfeeding, I haven't had a normal monthly period in almost two back to August 2007. Too much information, I know...but it's crazy to think about. That's a long time! I also haven't consumed alcohol on a regular basis since around that time. Just to be on the safe side, I stopped most casual drinking once I knew there was a chance I could get pregnant...and have only drunk a bit here and there since Jacob was born...mostly because it's sometimes hard to work around nursing. Not that it was a huge part of my existence even before, but it was still a change nonetheless. It's getting easier to work in these days, though...just in time for summer parties!

Another TMI's been probably a good 15 months or so since anything pertaining to the bedroom was normal...sleep or otherwise! Between the end stages of pregnancy, healing, more hormonal issues, exhaustion, and timely interruptions from Jacob, nothing has been easy! Sleep is still a struggle, but gladly, other things are gradually getting easier. It just amazing to think that it's been a little over a year since I've had long term restful sleep. We did pretty good for a while in the fall, once Jacob stopped waking up to feed but but before teething hit. Since then it's been pretty hit or miss, but still...very little sleeping in or eight hours of straight sleep. We're hoping to rectify that, if even for a night, by leaving Jacob with my parents at some point and spending a night in Niagara Falls. They're practically begging to get him for a night, and I'm thinking it'd be a great opportunity for us to take them up on so we can sleep well and pretend we're responsibility-free for 24 hours!

Here's a final TMI for ya...It's been over a year now since I took BM's for granted...mine or Jacob's. It was tough right after delivery thanks to the lovely hemhorroids I picked up during delivery, and they were an issue for a while until I acquired a craving for high fiber everything. Still, I think about it all the the extent that I really appreciate when they're pain-free! And, of course, poop is a major topic for most parents when it comes to their baby, and keeping track of Jacob's is one of those things you never realize will become so routine. But one year later, here we are.

It's also been a little over a year since I haven't been held hostage by my boobs. Yep...for all it's benefits, nursing isn't always easy. Being held hostage is coming to an end, though, because I'm at a pretty good point right now where I go over 12 hours overnight, then about six hours during the day and five hours into the evening, all without getting uncomfortable. Not bad. We're slowly but surely slowing down the milk factory...and for the most part, I am looking forward to it. I will not miss my frequent companion, the pump, one bit!

Our living room hasn't been an "adult" space in a little over a year either. Other than the pack 'n' play, then later the jumperoo, and now back to the pack 'n' play, it wasn't too bad, but slowly but surely other toys have taken over. And since Jacob's birthday, it's's a playroom! It's also hard for me to believe that Jacob's room is a year old. For the longest time, everything in there was new...and now it's been around for over a year. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I had my big nesting day, when I was doing all of Jacob's laundry and putting everything away for the first time. And now I've been doing that stuff for over a year, and it's hard to believe Jacob's room was ever anything else!

It's been a year since a shopping trip to the mall has been completely focused on myself. Even if I'm going there to shop for me, inevitably I'm looking at stuff for Jacob or wondering if he's ok at home. It's tough to have patience when I'd rather just be home with him or I get frustrated with my new body!

It's been about nine months since Jacob's parade of meds started. He got sick the first time in late August, and a month later he got his first inhaler. Since then it's been a steady stream of nebulizer treatments, oral steroids, antibiotics, acid reducers, and now we're back to an inhaler, plus his lovely Reglan and Claritin. Hopefully the Reglan (and ideally the pricey Prevacid) will be able to go away in the next couple weeks...keeping our fingers crossed). The series of meds makes for a tough morning (and may be why we have such a rough time with Jacob on the changing table now), but I know that it's still not that bad...that there are so many worse things in the world than a few medications for a relatively short period of time.

I'm sure there's more changes I'm not even thinking about. Suffice it to say that our world has definitely changed, and time has flown. That's even more true today, our 6th anniversary. I will say that our wedding day probably seems even farther away today than it did last year...probably because our world has so completely shifted from a couple carefree "kids" to Jacob-focused parents. Last year we were very Jacob-focused as well, but it was so new then that I don't think it had sunk in or had a chance to fully integrate into our existence. What a year it has been.

Oh, and one side note before I go. Jacob's second word is officially "uh-oh!" His first word is "Dada", though I've never seen him officially use it to address Craig. Craig insists it's happened, though (shocking, I know). Anyway, the uh-oh thing seemingly came out of nowhere, but Craig says that he taught it to him the other day...and I guess he picked it up pretty quickly. I think it happened when they were playing with his ball popper, since the balls always go all over the place. It's pretty funny, though. Now if only he could pick up "Mama" that fast...

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