Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photo Tuesday

As promised, it's time to catch up on some pictures from a week or two ago...

Here is an absolutely adorable shot of Jacob that I took at his cousins' zoo birthday party. The kids were petting a snake at the time and Jacob was well fed, entertained and happy!

Here he is with me in Craig's parents' pool. That's how he was for most of the time we were in there...attached to me like a little monkey, face buried in my shoulder.

When I finally peeled him off me, we put him in this cute little turtle float. He liked zooming around the pool in it (with our help, of course), but eventually was obsessed with looking down at the water that collected within the seat. You can see that he's looking down here. Eventually we had to take him out because he just wouldn't keep his head up and we were afraid he'd start gulping water or breathing it in.

Slowly but surely Jacob is getting more hair, and last week I finally remembered to bring the camera into the bathroom so I could do a mini-faux-hawk! It had also been a while since we'd done any bath shots. These two are similar (and you can hardly see the faux-hawk in either one!), but I loved them both!

He's such a smiley little boy a lot of the time, which is fantastic. I don't think I have any pictures yet where you can see his top teeth, but they are definitely there, about halfway in. Speaking of which, Jacob's trying all sorts of new foods--veggie dogs, cake, and ice cream over the weekend, avocado last night (not successful, though--not sure if it was taste, texture, or general crankiness), and toast this morning (which he loved). I keep trying to think of things to try, but with only four teeth, it's not always easy to keep it chewable and healthy! We'll keep trying, though.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some videos!

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