Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's official...

We have a little boy with a mind of his own! This past weekend was a bit trying because Jacob really has turned into little Mr. Independent. And when he wants something, watch out. He will go crazy trying, or will give you an earful of his ear-piercing scream if he discovers he can't do it. Whether he's trying to reach something, or crawl to something, or just get some attention, he is intent on doing it. I can't even tell you how many times he's made a break for our buffet in the dining room. The doors on it are locked so the china's safe, but that doesn't stop him from banging on the glass...which worries me, obviously. We always turn him around and try to distract him, but he inevitably turns right back around and tries again. And eventually he'll get mad and scream. If you take away something he was holding, he screams. He just doesn't give up. Craig referred to getting Jacob dressed this morning as Greco-Roman wrestling...he's forever flipping over on the table, reaching for things, and just generally making it impossible to get him dressed. And it's like that every day.

Another frustrating example of this was our little trip to Fairport Canal Days. It's a nice little weekend festival on the east side of town. It runs up and down Fairport's quaint Main Street, over the canal bridge, and into a large parking lot. It's the usual--crafts, food, and other public service type vendors. Lori came with us, and pretty much from the time we left her apartment, Jacob cried. It didn't matter how Lori tried to distract him, or how much Craig and I talked to him from the front seat, he just screamed. He screamed so much he was choking himself up. Only singing seemed to help, and even then it was just barely. Of course, when we got there he was fine. He was pretty content the whole time we walked around, just a couple moments here and there. But as soon as we got back in the car, he started up again. I think most kids would have given up or fallen asleep, but not him. He was persistent. He didn't chill out until after we dropped Lori off and I was in the backseat with him for a while. It was incredibly frustrating. On top of that it wasn't a great sleeping weekend, so we really came out of it exhausted.

On the bright side, we did get to see my parents as they passed through town on their way back from a wedding in Philly, and Jacob had a fantastic time at the Rhinos (soccer) game on Saturday. He was so content just hanging out on my lap watching the game, or turning around and standing up to look at the people behind us. He was so great! He also seemed to do well eating this weekend. We tried a stage 3 baby food (lots of chunks!) and he did great with that. We probably won't stick with that for long, but I think I'll keep with it for a bit to transition him into all table foods, just to explore different tastes and maintain some level of nutrition, just in case. He also seemed to do well with a good amount of finger foods. He's still having trouble picking up those slippery peaches, but at least he likes them! Practice makes perfect. I'm going to do my best to really push forward on table foods now...starting with sending grapes with him to daycare today. I can also do peaches, mixed vegetables, and sweet potato...he's done well with all of them. I'm going to work on pasta and chicken and maybe some veggie dogs soon.

Otherwise, I've just been thinking a lot lately about a year ago. Unbeknownst to us, we were less than two weeks away from Jacob's arrival, doing a lot of the last minute prep and worrying but enjoying our last days alone. I looked back on my blog posts and a lot came flooding back to me. I had forgotten how terribly hot it had been at this time last year...and I definitely don't miss sleeping in the basement! Of course, now we have central air and it hasn't been above 80 in weeks. Figures. I have been comiserating lately with one of Jacob's daycare teachers, who's due with her first, a girl, in a week. Kudos to her for still working...I can't imagine how tired she is after a day with all those kids! Anyway, we've discussed water breaking, labor, having to buy all the necessary stuff no one bought off the registry, baby furniture issues (we both wanted the same set at Babies 'R' Us, then there were recall issues (for both of us, a year apart!)...and we both ended up ordering online from Wal-Mart, once again the same set (a different one than at Babies 'R' Us)!), and many other things...and it's brought back a lot of memories.

We've come such a long way and our lives have changed so much. I marvel just looking at the little boy that Jacob has become. On the other hand, each day comes with its own set of struggles so I don't feel like we've made it over the new parent hump yet. However, I know I'm not giving us enough credit for all that we've survived and adapted to...because many things have become routine and I swore they never would. Still, every day is full of questions and adjustments and frustrations, so it's hard to ever feel settled. And I'm sure it will be that way for a long time to come...particularly when we do this baby thing all over again and have to deal with two sets of issues at once! Let's just hope we learn well this time around and are better equipped to deal with it down the road! But what a year it has been...

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